General Wolfgang
MTG Wolfgang Pic
Military Analysis
Full Name Wolfgang-Maximilian von Kuerten
Allegiance European Continental Alliance
Branch Bundeswehr, Panzertruppe
Tactics Combined Arms Warfare
National Information
Class Number DE-200788K47012
Stationed Sigmaringen, Germany
Rank General


Despite his faith in Prussian discipline and his staunch upbringing in a noble family, Wolfgang has always been a difficult man for high command to work with.

When Bavaria seceded from Germany in an attempt to free itself from EU control in 2025, he mutinied against an official order and refused to mobilize his armor forces against his fellow countrymen, making him a popular figure in Germany during the re-nationalization of Europe after the GLA insurrection a few years later.

Fellow officers from various countries describe the General as a respectable, if slightly aloof leader of troops and a tactician that has internalised the expertise of the likes of Clausewitz, Rommel and Guderian. Having vivid memories of the brutal GLA attacks around Stuttgart, he hates the organisation with an unforgiving passion and advocated its wholesale prosecution and annihilation several times, culminating in his daring combined arms assaults during the ECA invasion of North Africa where he became known as "The Huntsman" among the other European contingents.

Appalled by the unpunished atrocities of Warlord Sulaymaan, he once again showed his solidarity towards fellow soldiers regardless of nation by single-handedly ordering his brigades to support the beleaguered Russian troops in South Sudan.

Tragically, he failed to present ECA high command with a fait accompli and when word came through that the attack was not officially authorized, a by-the-book staff officer apprehended the General, who was suspended from duty for his reckless actions.

Wolfgang condemned the trial as an act of betrayal towards the Russians, only to be proven right in the most macabre fashion imaginable when the Federation started to exploit the defeat to channel public aggression onto the ECA, which subsequently rehabilitated Wolfgang when Russia launched its offensive against Europe.

Known Exclusive UnitsEdit


Lynx APC replacement (unknown yet)

Pandur IFV replacement (unknown yet)

Panzergrenadier (?)

Known Exclusive Generals PowersEdit

Field Promotions (rank 1)

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