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Russian BMP

Russian Federation




- Short-Barreled Gun
- Autocannon
- Dual Missiles (upgraded with Assault Armaments)

Transport slots






Build time


Produced by

War Factory


- Explosive Reactive Armor
- Assault Armaments
- Compression Missile Engines


Use Smoke Grenades

Mauler, ready to roll!
- Mauler

The Mauler is Russia's main Infantry Fighting Vehicle for over 50 years. This amphibious vehicle is capable of quickly transporting six infantry units and is armed with a machinegun and an autocannon to deal with infantry and vehicles respectively. Like many Russian vehicles its able to fire smoke grenades for defensive purpose.


The Mauler is Russia's first deployed combat vehicle into the battlefield. Due to its low cost and versatility it is crucial for Russian commanders to use these vehicles in support with infantry long enough for better armored divisions to arrive. The Mauler is able to transport infantry across land and water for strategic purposes and can even take on light vehicles with ease. The Mauler can be further upgraded with Explosive Reactive Armor, giving it improved resistance against missiles. Its armed with a 100mm short-barreled gun and a 30mm autocannon, making it great against infantry and light vehicles, and can also be further upgraded with a missile launcher.

Unit DescriptionEdit

The Mauler is a combination of an APC, a light tank and a stealth detector (when carrying infantry upgraded with Infrared Goggles), and it does all of these jobs admirably. It has a light machine gun to ward off infantry, and a light main gun for use against light vehicles. On its own, it could not hope to survive on the battlefield, but when supported with proper units it forms the backbone of a general Russian combined arms assault. While primarily used as a fast transport, the Mauler can in fact serve the temporary role of an impromptu light tank. Massed in bulk Maulers can be used to overwhelm enemy defenses and soak up early fire from enemy units while also softening them up for the main drive. They are best used in mass, with or without infantry on board alongside Kodiaks and other massed armor divisions. Their amphibious nature allows them to be indispensable for fast multi-pronged attacks, across either land or sea.


  • Voiced by Graion Dilach in version 1.87.
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