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- Marksman FAC
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The Marksman FAC is a newly introduced support helicopter used by the European Continental Alliance to paint targets with a designator to allow better accuracy for friendly units, as well as relay logistics to artillery units on the battlefield allowing them to strike a target from long range.


The Marksman FAC is the newest modernisation of the venerable Westland Lynx, a multi-purpose helicopter of British design that serves in a variety of different roles in many European militaries, including the armed forces of Portugal, Denmark and Norway. The European Continental Army makes prominent use of it as a forward air controller and artillery observer. Its advanced sensor suite allows the Marksman to track down concealed enemies and its precision target designator allows friendly units to bring the full weight of their firepower to bear on anyone unfortunate enough to be marked by the beam.

In addition, most Marksman FACs operate in constant coordination with the nearest European artillery detachment, allowing them to place a target marker on a structure which can then be bombarded by all available howitzers for a short period of time. Despite not having any weaponry of its own, a lone Marksman snooping around the base perimeter should never be dismissed as a non-threat, for its appearance may very well be the only warning prior to a devastating rain of shells.


Ability Description
Marksman fac designate a target for bombardment icon
Designate a Target for Bombardment
Places an artillery marker on the target enemy building that lasts for 25 seconds, during which friendly Howitzer Positions can launch a Long Range Artillery Barrage on the target building regardless of their position on the map. 10 seconds cooldown.


Fast, lightly armoured and unarmed. Marksmen FACs pose little to no threat on their own, until allied forces show up. Their specialised role is painting targets with a faint green beam from which friendly forces, ECA or not, gain a boost to their rate of fire to the designated target.


Do not underestimate the Marksman FAC. It, alongside heavy artillery will allow you to bombard anyone from anywhere on the map, use it to provide long ranged support for a remote ally or obliterate an enemy superweapon before it has a chance to fire. While not telling the big guns where to shoot Marksmen may paint any enemy it sees, use this wisely to eliminate enemy units quickly, and efficiently.

While dangerous when coordinating with friendly forces, bear in mind that the Marksman cannot fend for itself nor defend against enemy air. Some friendly AA would be appreciated for their survival.


Beware their presence, especially when near your vulnerable structures, a Marksman snooping around will surely be the first signs of a long ranged barrage, especially towards superweapons from which only 5-6 of them can send one to the scrapyard.

Utilise air to air units to prevent the Marksman from enabling allies to shoot your own quicker.

They are lightly armored so pose little danger on their own.


  • Significantly increases the fire rate of attacks done to beamed up enemies
  • Fast and agile unit allows it to escape any danger
  • Effective and expendable aerial scout or quick response unit.
  • Unique support style allows for a good offensive or defensive role
  • Secondary ability to coordinate artillery strikes regardless of the target's distance from a howitzer position

  • Unarmed
  • Artillery designating only locks to enemy buildings.
  • Extremely weak and prone to being shot down easily by even basic AA units
  • Unable to gain any Veterancy


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  • The Marksman FAC was previously known as Bloodhound FAC.