Marauder Tank assembled.
- Marauder exiting Arms Dealer
Marauder tank icon
The Marauder Tank is General Sulaymaan's medium tank that plays a crucial part in his armored assaults. Its firepower dramatically rises with salvage upgrades.


Despite their work being the stuff of legends among GLA sympathizers around the world, the names of the original creators of the Marauder self-propelled assault gun will most likely remain a historical mystery. All that is known is that a group of five Middle Eastern revolutionaries released a viral video on the internet in the late 2010s in which they provided a literal step-by-step 'tutorial' on how to build a crude armored fighting vehicle using off-the-shelf tools, metal scraps and a truck engine. Most preposterously, the guide suggested that an externally mounted camera connected to a consumer-grade television and a re-wired video game pad could be used to monitor the vehicle's surroundings and help control its movement. This raw ingenuity did not go unnoticed by the Global Liberation Army, whose followers in Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa soon followed their example and proceeded to build their own 'tanks' to engage Chinese and American forces head-on, with faith, courage and craftiness making up for a lack of modern machinery.

Indeed, the life of a GLA tanker has been a dangerous one ever since the start of the Global War on Terror but those who managed to survive throughout the decades have become hardened veterans and their heavily customized Marauder tanks are a testament of this experience. Armed with a powerful 130mm gun howitzer and protected by a variety of armor scraps cobbled together from foreign tanks of various ages and nationalities, the Marauder remains the most lethal ground combat vehicle in the arsenal of Warlord Anwar Sulaymaan and should never be underestimated. By the early 2040s, many Marauder crews had figured out how to equip their vehicles with fully rotating turrets without diminishing their engine power during a forward charge, thus finally turning their Marauders into actual tanks at long last.


Add-on Description
Reverse engineered hover drive icon
Hover Drive
Jury rig a hover drive on the tank, increasing its speed by 40% and makes it amphibious, but reduces its overall armor by 25%.

Requires salvaged USA Tier 1 technology.
Only one salvaged technology add-on can be applied at a time.

Reverse engineered rocket pods icon
Rocket Pods
Mount a rocket pod on the tank for additional firepower.

Requires salvaged GLA Tier 1 technology.
Only one salvaged technology add-on can be applied at a time.

Improvised reactive armor icon
Improvised Reactive Armor
Jury rig an improvised reactive armor on the tank, reducing the damage it takes from missiles and explosives by 20%, and from tank guns by 10%.

Requires salvaged Russian Tier 1 technology.
Only one salvaged technology add-on can be applied at a time.


Avoid the bumps.
- Marauder cautious about the terrain

The, arguably, only true tank of their arsenal, the Marauder Tank is the heaviest armored fighting vehicle that had ever been deployed by the GLA.

Being devoid of the Scorpion's missile or agility, it is focused on raw firepower and (relative) armor, with its potency being increased almost exponentially via acquisition of salvage.

At the first level of salvage, its regular turret is replaced by an enlarged turret with a cannon of a much higher caliber, increasing its rate of fire and damage per shell.

More fearsomely, at the second level of salvage, it gains a second tank gun fitted into an ever-expansive turret, doubling its rate of fire and significantly increasing its damage. At such a state, it becomes capable of taking other factions' MBT's head-on and likely surviving the encounter, even being capable of taking the super-heavy vehicles such as the Overlord. Owing to the Recycling System, the Marauder's performance can be greatly improved or diversified by reverse-engineering the appropriate salvage:

  • Tier 1 Russian salvage allows the Marauder to outfit itself with Improvised Reactive Armor, increasing its rather average armor and potentially prolonging its service.
  • Tier 1 GLA salvage allows the Marauder to upgrade itself with up to two Rocket Pods, heartily increasing its damage and gaining a slight range advantage.
  • Tier 1 USA salvage allows the Marauder to sacrifice some of his armor to gain Hover Drives, becoming much more agile and capable of traversing water to attack the enemy from unexpected angles.


I'll take a piece of you!
- Marauder choosing a victim

The Marauder is best suited, despite the nature of the GLA, for frontal assault. Its heavy gun/guns can rip apart most light to medium vehicles in a few volleys, and with the dual cannons it becomes a match for even the toughest of tanks. When fully upgraded, salvaged and recycled, it becomes one of the most powerful tanks in the game, able to hold its ground against the likes of Golems, Sentinels and Overlords. The Marauder, when compared to the rest of the GLA's roster, has average speed, and thus is not fit for hit-and-run tactics, being best used in direct confrontation or assault. The Marauder, staying true to its namesake, thrives from battlefield salvage, and so it is best to direct them to the fresh piles of scrap that formerly were the enemy so that it will remain an authority on the battlefield.


The Marauder is not the silver bullet as it seems to be. It has no means of anti-air defense, its armor is unremarkable, and its range is certainly not the best, which means that it will rarely get the first shot in an engagement. As with all tanks, artillery and aircraft are its ruin, and as such, if they are not covered by the respective units, the entirety of a heroic, fully upgraded Marauder force will be quickly turned to husk.


The Marauder Tank reuses their original voiceset in the vanilla Generals and Zero Hour.



  • The definition of marauder is "someone that participates in among other things looting". This is a fitting name as the Marauder Tank loots spare parts (in the form of salvage crates).
  • From 1.85 one of the Marauder's variants have a turret that resembles the one in the cancelled Command & Conquer (Generals 2).

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