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Tell the gunner his aim sucks!

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Lynx APC

- Armour Skirts

Lynx, ready to make some trouble!
- Lynx Leaving the Vehicle Assembly Depot

The Lynx armored personnel carrier (APC) is the ECA's basic troop transport. It has six transport slots for quickly transporting ECA infantry across the battlefield. Whether its the early Engineer rushes or mid-late game Grenadier transport, Lynx plays a pivotal role in supporting ECA's ever reliable infantry by providing much needed mobility for a cheap price.


"Keep Calm and Carry On..." Hah! What a joke!
- Lynx

The European Lynx APC is the workhorse of ECA`s infantry division. Despite its outlandish design, it’s very reliable and offers the best possible protection for the troops inside something essential in Europe`s terrain where ECA supply lines and reinforcements are prone to be ambushed by Russian gunships.

The Lynx brigades had suffered heavy losses in the battlefield against the heavy shelling and armor piercing weaponry deployed by the Russian Army. As a cheap modification, armor skirts were installed on the sides to allow for greater protection against incoming projectiles.

Although the plating isn't the best the ECA has to offer, it is the cheapest and ensures the Lynx APC can continue to serve as an inexpensive infantry carrier of the ECA.

Unit DescriptionEdit

...and here I thought I'd be assigned to a tank!
- Lynx selected

While lightly armored, the Lynx APC is cheap, and fast, to build. Once created, up to 6 soldiers may garrison inside. While the gun is flimsy, it should be more than enough to dispel enemy infantry and shouldn't be depended on and, as a result, armed escorts should be a wise option. However the Armor Skirts should allow these transports to survive the moden battlefield much longer. 

Not only does it provide a venerable transport for soldiers, it is also amphibious, allowing for Pandur/Lynx shore invasions or access to remote islands for occupance. 

Tactics Edit

As it is a reasonably affordable transport solution, the Lynx can be used as a means of traversing soldiers to distant locations or to areas surrounded by water. Whether island, or not, the Lynx can get there.

While not as a well armed, or armored, as the Russian's BMP, it shouldn't be used as a frontline transport and should deploy troops behind advancing forces. Its amphibious capabilities also allows you to invade the enemy by sea. Deploying troops into otherwise overlooked positions that the enemy failed to realise.

Counters Edit

Lacking in armor, a Lynx APC can stand up to smattering of soldiers. However, focused anti-vehicle fire should be enough to put them down. It is recommended to destroy them before they drop their passengers, to prevent them from posing a risk.

Lynx APCS also lack their own anti-air protection, so air attacks are a viable option if they are not escorted by anti-air units.

Quotes Edit

When created Edit

  • Lynx...ready to make some, trouble!

When selected Edit

  • Tell the gunner, his aim sucks!
  • At Attention, it's the general!
  • ECA Transporter, ready for assault.
  • Keep calm and carry on...HAH! What a joke...
  • How can we help?
  • What's the holdup?
  • ...and here I thought I'd be assigned to a tank!
  • Where's the party?
  • Let's get this over with!

When moving Edit

  • You better be right...!
  • Right... commencing operation.
  • (vomits) That'll rile them up back there, hahaha...
  • To the battlefield!
  • I better not see anyone throwing up back there...!
  • Hold onto your butts!
  • Brace yourself's going to get bumpy!
  • Oh, we gotta get outta here...!
  • Keep your eyes open!
  • Don't stand still!
  • Keep her moving...!
  • Moving forward!
  • Keep your aim steady!

When attacking Edit

  • Gunner, let loose!
  • Surrender...haah, pisssh... was never an option.
  • They are, in our sights.
  • Fire at will...
  • Come on, he's right in front of you, fire!
  • Time to show off your marksmanship.
  • You better not miss!

When unloading Edit

  • Everyone out.
  • Infantry exiting vehicle
  • I want YOU. ALL. OUT
  • End of the line.
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