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The AH6 Little Bird is a small American combat helicopter. It is less expensive and faster than all other USA helicopters, and can be a common sight early on in the battlefields.


The American AH6 Little Bird is a favorite and respected helicopter and remains in service even in this day and age. It has proven invaluable in recon and special operations. Its only defense is its speed but in the hands of skilled pilots and when used correctly they are the perfect aerial harassment force.


Ability Description
Little bird combat drop icon
Combat Drop
Order all Rangers inside the Little Bird to rappel down onto the target. Can be used on garrisoned structures to clear it.
Little bird ground attack
Ground Attack
Fire a barrage of 4 rockets at the target area.
Requires Rocket Pods.

Behind the scenes

  • Prior to 1.5, the Little Bird was available to USA players; it was later replaced by the Cobra, and in turn by the Viper.
  • In 1.802 the Little Bird can be coded back into the game, with same stats as its 1.5 version.


  • The Little Bird is also available in ShockWave, another modification by SWR productions, where it is armed with heavy machineguns instead of miniguns.