Lasers are a set of weapons that use the technology capable of, as the acronym of laser suggests, amplifying the power of light through the stimulated emission of radiation. In essence, it creates a concentrated beam of light, impossible to dodge.

By the time of the war between ECA and Russian forces, US laser technology is very much developed and by no means an experiment, while European scientists have begun to assess more exotic applications of the technology.


Point Defense LaserEdit

Point defense lasers, or PDLs, have been used by the US since the Zero Hour crisis as an anti-aircraft weapon and as an anti-missile defense. This technology is capable of stopping everything from shoulder-fired rockets to air-to-ground missiles, as well as helicopters and low flying aircraft. However, it is incapable of destroying larger nuclear missiles and Scud missiles.

Presumably, the point defense laser was first deployed in the field on Paladin tanks, and later in the war, Avengers. General "Pinpoint" Townes and to a lesser extent, General Malcolm "Ace" Granger, are both well known users of lasers. Townes innovated laser technology in his time, having used them as defenses, in his vehicles and possibly even his infantry units. Granger, having forged a strong trust in aircraft, developed and applied a unique laser to much of his aircraft during the events of Zero Hour.


Cryo LaserEdit

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