Kodiak Tank, full combat ready!
- Kodiak leaving the War Factory
Kodiak tank new icon
The Kodiak Tank is the backbone of the Russian armored corps. These heavy tanks are very well armored and equipped with enough firepower to engage even the strongest of enemy armor.


Hah! we fought worse than THIS!
- Kodiak on the offensive

The famous series of Russian Kodiak tanks of today only little left in common with the late Cold War era models they're originally based on. The stagnation of the Russian economy in the first two decades of the 21st century turned the implementation of the much touted Armata programme into a difficult endeavour, which is why President Suvorov decided to scale down the project and re-adapt some of its state-of-the-art technologies into the vast fleet of existing vehicles to save costs, for he preferred to improve the nation's crumbling infrastructure, industry, education and healthcare system during the early years of his reign. The result was an upgraded version of their previous generations, including the T-90A, the T80U, the T72B Rogatka and the T-64UD Bereza. These updates where easy to implement, costing only a fraction of the cost of the Armata program. A fairly conservative design, which sported an entirely new 125mm smoothbore cannon with advanced optics and stabilisation, an improved 1300 hp diesel engine and a turret section that was controlled entirely from within the chassis. The advanced integrated tactical system, Catherine-FC thermal imaging sensor, and GLONASS navigation system on the Kodiak in addition to more effective type of explosive reactive armour, ERA and composite plates give it more combat effectiveness than the earlier generation of Russian tanks.

During the booming years of the Russian economy prior to the African debacle of 2041, the new Kodiak managed to be more economical while almost as capable as the tank that was originally meant to replace its predecessor, even though it was by now apparent that the old pre-2000 era baseline no longer offered any room for improvement. General Aleksandr of the Advanced Weapons Research & Development Corps was therefore tasked to develop a new main battle tank for future mass production.


Ability Description
Deploy smoke screen icon
Deploy Smoke Screen
Launch four smoke grenades in front of the vehicle, creating a smokescreen that lasts for 3.5 seconds and make nearby enemies blindly fire at the smokescreen if they are not firing at something else. 30 seconds cooldown.
Heat anti tank shells icon
HEAT Anti-Tank Shells
Use the standard HEAT anti-tank shells for the main gun.
Refleks anti tank missiles icon
Refleks Anti-Tank Missiles
Use the Refleks anti-tank missiles fired from the main gun, which is more powerful and has longer range, but fired slower than the HEAT shells.

Requires Guided Weapon Systems.


In terms of firepower and durability, the Kodiak is probably the best MBT in the game. Its main gun is highly effective against vehicles and armor, and a pintle mounted machine gun can fend off lone infantry. Like other Russian vehicles, the Kodiak can fire off smoke grenades to draw the enemy's fire away from it, which can help make the difference between victory and defeat, or survival and destruction.

Against the main battle tank of any other faction, the Kodiak will come out on top in a one-on-one fight, and in larger numbers it can take on heavier vehicles. But while its firepower is considerable, the Kodiak is most notable for its impressive armor, which can be further enhanced with the ERA upgrade, reducing damage taken from missiles by 30% and from shells by 10%. Like other Russian vehicles, the Kodiak's durable construction means that even if it is knocked out in combat, the chassis can still be salvaged and manned by a new crew, assuming not too much time has passed.

On the flip side, the Kodiak costs considerably more to construct than the main battle tanks of other factions, at a pricey $1300. The high production cost and relatively long build time means that these tanks should not be thoughtlessly thrown away. Fortunately, the somewhat crippling production cost can be reduced by 15% through the Mass Production upgrade, making it possible to mass produce Kodiaks in the late game.

In addition, the Kodiak is also slower than other main battle tanks, making it unsuitable for hit and run or cavalry tactics, and making it vulnerable to hit and run attacks.


It is probably the heaviest MBT in the game due to its 700 hit points. It can toe-to-toe most other MBTs while taking lots of damage before getting destroyed. Its armor can be improved further by upgrading Explosive Reactive Armor to become resistant to explosive, rockets and tank cannons.

The tank has a machine gun to protect itself from infantry attacking it, although it should not be used primarily for this purpose. Similar to most other Russian vehicles, it can launch defensive smoke grenades to draw enemy fire for a few seconds. If the Assault Armaments upgrade is done researching, it gains the Refleks missile ability, which can deal high damage against tanks and vehicles.

If the Industrial Plant is built, its cost will be reduced, along with other vehicles. Like most of the Russian vehicles, if the Kodiak tank has been destroyed, it can be recovered by the Badger Recovery Vehicle.


Aircraft are one of its biggest counters. If using air units, be weary of Tunguskas or Grumbles. Due to its low speed, it can be destroyed by hit-and-run vehicles such as Rocket Buggies and Combat Cycles easily.

Due to its high max hitpoints, it will repair slowly through use of the MTP or other means, so if weakened, then it's best to finish it off quickly. Rocket-armed infantry work well against the Kodiak despite its machine gun, which is relatively weak. Hijackers and Terrorists are also good counters.

In the early stages of a game, they take long to deploy and are also costly, so keep this in mind when a player is using them early, as destroying even one will have a considerable impact on their economy.


  • Heaviest MBT
  • Armor can be improved by installing ERA
  • Can use a machine gun to attack infantry
  • Gains AT missiles (when upgraded)
  • AT Missiles do heavy damage to tanks
  • Can use smoke grenades to distract enemy fire
  • Vehicle wreck can be recovered

  • Expensive than other MBTs
  • Machine gun is not effective against large infantry groups
  • Cannot attack aircraft
  • Slow speed
  • AT missiles have slow rate of fire


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