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The Kashtan is Russian Federation's anti-infantry and anti-air base defense. It can make short work of enemy infantry with its dual autocannons while it uses both autocannons and AA missiles to engage aircraft.


Originally developed to protect the vessels of the Russian Navy from missile and aircraft attacks, the Kashtan close-in weapon system has been refitted for use as a stationary emplacement in support of Russian ground operations and perimeter defences. Its primary anti-aircraft weapon is a set of eight missiles, supported by a dual 30mm rotary cannon that rips through infantry, light vehicles and aircraft hulls at an astonishing rate of 10.000 rounds per minute - An economical combination that grants the 'Chestnut' an amazing defensive potential.


Just like the Protector of US, the Kashtan is also a naval weapon modified for land warfare. The Kashtan has two weapons; one, a dual machine gun for all-purpose work, and missiles dedicated for AA use. Its evident lack of anti-tank weaponry makes it vulnerable against tough armor, but Russia has RPG Towers for that eventuality, or in General Aleksandr's case, Tesla Turrets.


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