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Jumpjet Trooper
EU Jumpjet

European Continental Alliance


Flying Infantry


2x Grenade launchers (Lavina 30mm caseless grenade launcher)





Produced by



Venom Protocol

Hot key


Jumpjet Trooper

Ceramic Armor


- Turn Up
- Turn Down

The Jumpjet Trooper is part of an elite group of the European Continental Alliance.


The jetpack has been a popular icon of pulp science fiction stories ever since the early years of aviation and during the first half of the 21st century, a number of companies have managed to design and produce the first truly reliable and practical models for commercial purposes, advertising their jetpacks as a modern alternative to individual transport vehicles or high-tech sports equipment. One of the first military units to adopt their own version of the jetpack was the Italian Folgore Parachute Brigade. Having seen action in peacekeeping operations in Lebanon, Somalia, the Balkan, Iraq and Afghanistan, these elite paratroopers quickly became one of the most rapidly deployable unit of the ECA thanks in no small part to their purpose-built Jupiter jetpacks which turned them into an entirely new kind of airborne infantry. Armed with a pair of automatic grenade launchers mounted directly on their flying suits, the Jumpjet Troopers quickly attained a fierce reputation among the Russian forces who learned to fear their lightning fast airborne raids on several occasions. They are also exceptionally nimble and fly under the radar of heavy air defenses whilst lighter anti-air guns can still engage them by eyeballing it. However, due to the relatively intricate training process, Jumpjet Troopers can only be deployed as part of the Venom Protocol, where they serve as a fine complement to the ECA's other special infantry weapons and tactics.

Unit DescriptionEdit

Coming soon....

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