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Operating in pairs, even one Javelin Team can prove a nightmare to opposing armored vehicles if deployed properly.


"Well, we all know and love the FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile system. The weapon itself is quite on the heavy side with a carry weight of fifty pounds, but trust me when I say that nobody wants to be on the receiving end of a tandem HEAT missile screaming down from the sky to blast a crater into the roof of some T-whatever piece of junk. Unlike the more lightweight and versatile SRAWs used by the fireteams at the front, the Javelin is a specialised long range support weapon operated by a crew of two. Now, the thing that's truly amazing is the new ASCAT missile, which stands for Airbursting Shaped Charge Anti-Tank. This missile contains a payload of several sensor-fused submunitions which automatically form explosive penetrators that scatter over a moderately sized area. This allows the Javelin operator to either drop a highly destructive and accurate missile on a single vehicle target for massive damage or rain hell on a whole bunch of poor suckers at the same time. Makes for one hell of a fireworks show!"[1]


Ability Description
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HEAT Missiles
Use the standard HEAT (High Explosive Anti-Tank) missiles which can track moving targets.
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ASCAT Missiles
Use the ASCAT (Airbursting Shaped Charge Anti-Tank) missiles which has a large area of effect but deals lower damage than the standard HEAT missiles and cannot track moving targets.


Equipped with the deadly and precise Javelin, these men can lay waste to any tank column, should they be left alone. Bringing with them are two powerful warheads: the HEAT (High Explosive Anti Tank) a missile powerful enough to puncture through a tanks armor and the newer ASCAT (Airbursting Shaped Charge Anti-Tank) warhead, preferred for tight formations of light vehicles.


Long ranged, deadly and precise, and grouped together no tank is safe. Commonly, Accompanied with mule drone for added damage and rate of fire. Should a commander choose the Bombardment battle plan, these men can cause a massacre to any armored column. If it's default fire power is pleasing enough, a commander may choose the Search an Destroy battle plan, and use it's range advantage to eliminate vehicles in a much safer location. Apart from their offensive capabilities, they are adept in defending on ground base sieges on your base.


While they deal quite a punch against ground vehicles, they are completely unequipped against any infantry and aircraft. Any vehicle fast enough and durable enough, could eliminate the Javelin Team should they get inside the unit's dead zone. As with all infantry, exposure to flames, radiation, toxins etc. will exterminate them in mere seconds, that until they are issued with Chemical Suits.


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