Scissors The subject of this article was scrapped during development and are no longer present in-game. Scissors


A fast, light attack jet that has been pieced together from several Cold War era fighter planes. It is armed with a set of powerful 20mm autocannons that perform deadly strafing runs and carry excessive amounts of ammunition, making reloads unnecessary. Alternatively, the cannons can be replaced with rockets allowing for a more immediate and precise harassment of light vehicles, supply lines and construction dozers.


The GLA interceptor is a GLA fighter available only after a 3 star generals point is upgraded. It's cheaper than most other planes, but its lightly armed, and lightly armoured. The interceptor stands almost no chance against modern fighters such as the Raptor, or the Berkut, however it works very well in strafing runs against infantry and light vehicles, and can also effectively deal with helicoptors. Having unlimited ammo, the GLA interceptor only needs to return to the landing strip for repairs, and can stay in the air, performing multiple strafing runs and attacks before returning to the landing strip.

Rockets can also be upgraded to replace the standard machine gun, making it more effective against vehicles, but unable to attack other air targets.


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