Inferno Cannon 1

Fire from the sky!

Inferno Cannon
Inferno Cannon
"Everything will go up in smoke..."

People's Republic of China






155mm howitzer
with incendiary rounds





Produced by

Chinese War Factory


Propaganda Center

Hot key


Inferno Cannon

- Nationalism
- Volatile Incindiariers
- Black Napalm


- Ignites firestorms in groups of four

Let's start an inferno!
- Inferno Cannon leaving the War Factory

The Inferno Cannon is China's basic artillery unit. It's been in service ever since the GLA war, and is still as reliable and deadly as ever.


Everything will go up in smoke...
- Inferno Cannon

The Chinese Inferno Cannon has lived up to its name. It first saw combat in the GLA war, driving GLA forces out of their positions in a blaze of fire. During the conflict, It fired the 155mm Incendiary Round, known to create huge firestorms in groups of eight or more. Nowadays, it takes only four thanks to certain upgrades.

The Inferno Cannon can be further upgraded with Black Napalm, a top secret Chinese formula, that causes the fire to burn at even hotter temperatures, and allow firestorms to be created quicker, and last longer.

Nowadays the Inferno's mass mobilization with the Chinese horde has enabled them to fight better alongside China's basic tanks and has helped them to better coordinate their attacks with other Inferno Cannons or China's basic tanks - resulting in Inferno Cannons also benefiting from China's inspirational Horde bonus which can be further upgraded with the Nationalism upgrade. Also thanks to fast production lines and advanced logistics setup it is cheaper and more quickly produced than ever before. Wherever the Inferno Cannons go, they always leave their signature blaze of hell.

Unit DescriptionEdit

Let the fireballs fly!
- Inferno Cannon attacking

The Inferno Cannon is the Tier 1 artillery of the Chinese Army. Like most Chinese units, the Inferno Cannon is designed to be used in numbers. It is the cheapest artillery in the mod and is produced quicker than most other artillery. It also benefits from the Horde Bonus and when upgraded with Volatile Incindiariers can create firestorms if used en masse. Like other artillery, the Inferno Cannon is effective against structures and fixed defenses, but also against infantry. The damage of its napalm shells can be improved with the Black Napalm upgrade, therefore making them more lethal.

If four or more napalms shells are fired in the same area in quick succession, a firestorm is created but Volatile Incindiariers must be upgraded first. This blankets the area with flames, damaging, if not destroying, all units within the area. The Black Napalm upgrade reduces the number of shells needed to create a firestorm.

Despite its tank-like appareance, the Inferno Cannon is otherwise extremely fragile, and most helicopters can take it out with only a few rockets.

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