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Igla 1
Igla Trooper
Russian IGLATrpr
"Prepare to do Battle!"

Russian Federation


Anti-Air Infantry


PP2000 Sub-Machine Gun





Produced by


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Igla Trooper

- Infantry Medkits
- Advanced Infantry Munitions - Compression Missile Engines

The Igla Troopers are Russian Federation's basic anti-aircraft infantry. They can also defend themselves from enemy infantry with their sub-machine guns.


The Russian response to the lack of a early anti air weapons platform. Generals are urged to use these troopers as a counter to air units as RPG Conscripts are not equipped or trained properly to do so. As the Igla is designed as an anti air weapon, Igla troopers also carry PP2000 sub-machine guns to defend against ground targets.

Unit DescriptionEdit

The Igla is an essential unit part of an attacking infantry division for Russia, since there is no other infantry unit that could defend the men of the Motherland against enemy aircraft, save from famed Boris, and sometimes that is even situational. Against infantry, they could defend themselves quite easily with their submachine guns, but they need dedicated anti-tank units if they are to be protected from enemy armor; that is where the RPG Conscript comes into play. When upgraded with Advanced Infantry Munitions they gain an additional firing mode which allows them to fire a special missile which ignores all countermeasures employed by an aircraft. However in this lock-on mode the Igla Trooper requires a few seconds of aiming before being able to fire, meaning that the standard firing mode is better suited against more immediate threats.

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