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The Hyena Interceptor is a flexible attack jet of the GLA.


Formerly based on a fictitious concept, the Interceptor is now modelled after the Su-17 'Fitter' which was exported to Soviet client states in Africa and the Middle East. The new Interceptor, nicknamed "Hyena", will also be functionally different in that its default armament now consists of two externally mounted 30mm autocannons and UB-32 rocket pods.[1]

Rumors that the GLA may soon replace the Su-17 with the recently retired SU-25 "Grach" are unfounded, as the Russians have been very careful to keep close tabs in their remaining stock of Frogfoots and ensure they do not get into the hands of the terrorists.


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Order the unit to attack the target area.


The Hyena Interceptor, as lore dictates, is a salvaged Cold War-era Su-17 "Fitter" fighter-bomber of Soviet origin, and is the only jet that the GLA managed to procure in usable numbers. Though, their availability is so scarce that only Rank 3 generals are authorized to use these valuable aircraft, with their advanced weaponry requiring another Generals' Point.

Only six Hyena Interceptors may be fielded at any given time since they are so scarce, which means that one must take great care of these jets. But their sheer firepower and lack of a necessity to reload somewhat makes up for their scarcity. Furthermore, the notion of GLA using aircraft is something that crosses the enemy's mind only after they have suffered losses from the incipient air force.

The Hyena Interceptor is armed with 30mm auto-cannons and unguided rocket pods, making it suitable of taking on every type of enemy unit: auto-cannons are used against aircraft and infantry, whereas rocket pods are extremely effective against vehicles and buildings. Their base attack consists of a withering rocket barrage, which, when aligned properly, can turn a tank column into slag.


At the end of the day, The Hyena Interceptor, even being a quite durable fighter, is still a jet; massed anti-air will ground it in no time. The initial shock-and-awe of the enemy, who had not fielded anti-air units against them, will be bitterly short, and dedicated Tier 2 AA will make short work of the Hyena Interceptors.

Since only six can be deployed in the field at once, and since the upgrades are permanent, one must carefully micromanage these units, and properly assess, what will they be utilized for - bombing or outright engagement. These are best served as a sort of a sneak attack, firing their volleys into the masses if it is safe enough. For more dedicated aerial ground support, the Plague Duster may be more suitable.


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Behind the scenes

  • Prior to 1.87 the Hyena Interceptor is simply named Interceptor (not to be confused with the old version which it replaces in 1.85) and can be upgraded with anti-tank missile or bomb loadouts once Aerial Ordnance GP unlock is obtained; both will replace its rocket pods.


  • The current design of the Hyena Interceptor was revealed in Blog Update 17.[2]

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