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Mi-40 1

Mi-40 night training

RotR RussianHunchback

Russian Federation
- Rapid Deployment General Orlov


- Assault Transport Helicopter
- Anti-Infantry


- 23mm Twin Auto Cannon
- Thermobaric Bombs (requires upgrade)



Transport slots




Build time


Produced by



Thermobaric Bombs


- Thermobaric Ordinance
- Goliath System

The Hunchback is Here
- Hunchback Emerging from the Helipad

The Mil Mi-40 "Hunchback" is General Orlov's main assault transport, used for quickly transporting across the battlefield and for providing light support fire for ground troops.


Originally conceived as a medium-lift cargo helicopter for the navy in the 2030s, the the Mil Mi-40 -its avionics co-designed by an private Kazakh company- now serves in a variety of combat roles. Nicknamed the "Hunchback" by the ECA (adopted quickly by the Russians) for its peculiar airframe, this advanced twin rotor helicopter has been refitted to perform in the role of an attack helicopter as well. The VDV's version of the Hunchback is equipped with an armored cargo container that has enough internal space for up to eight fully equipped infantrymen. In order to provide immediate and decisive fire support to the ground troops after their deployment, this "assault transport" version is also armed with a powerful twin-barrel 23mm auto-cannon and has two weapon-hardpoints that can be loaded with free-falling thermobaric bombs, capable of causing havoc to large groups of infantry and light vehicles.

Unit DescriptionEdit

The Hunchback can be considered a combination of the Hellion and Hind in terms of usefulness, and costs less than either of those. It combines the heavy autocannon of the Hellion (effective against infantry and light vehicles) with a larger size and transport capabilities typical of the Hind, except it is able to transport up to eight infantry instead of six, making for even more dangerous raids. Additionally, the Hunchback may also release thermobaric bombs which will ignite the ground below, devastating infantry and light vehicles and creating roadblocks for enemy incursions that lack AA units. The Hunchback has decent armor for its price, and is able to survive Protector missiles long enough to deploy infantry on a poorly defended enemy base.

The Hunchback, unlike the Hind, lacks any form of air defense whatsoever and can easily fall prey to Harriers and groups of Vipers. The autocannon is also not adept at taking out armored vehicles and tanks, and approaching an Overlord with AA capabilities means certain death. The armor is not bad for an helicopter of its class, but it won't survive exposure to Twin Fangs or even small groups of Avengers.


When emerging from helicopter pad:

  • The hunchback is here

When selected:

  • MI 40, reporting in.
  • Do you require my services?
  • What is it, comrade?
  • Ah, the sound she makes.
  • She may be ugly, but she gets the jobs done.
  • Hunchback reporting.
  • Rapid deployment transport here.
  • Assault transport standing by.
  • Hinds? *sniggers* Please.

When moving:

  • Trust me comrade, she's faster than she looks.
  • Da, the hunchback is moving.
  • I'm on my way.
  • Twin rotors to full power.
  • Let's go find some cowards.
  • Oh, really she does fly.
  • Going for a joyride.
  • Let's move.

When attacking:

  • They wont escape.
  • Fire.
  • The enemy is here. Welcome them.
  • Little bugs, squash them.
  • Time to run cowards.
  • Ratatatatatatata, Hahahaha.
  • Reap them to shreds.
  • Autocannon on targets.

When deploying thermobaric bombs:

  • Extra crispy.
  • Why waste bombs on little babies?
  • I don't feel sorry for them.
  • Got little present for ya.
  • This is safe attitude, I think.
  • Boom, muahahahaha.
  • Dropping presents.

When unloading:

  • Good to get out of that metal coffin, uh?
  • Everyone get out.
  • Dasvidanya, comrades.


The Hunchback Design seems to draw from several other Helicopters:

  • The Tandem Rotor layout from CH46 Sea Knight/CH47 Chinook.
  • The Cockpit from the Mi24D/35 Hind.
  • The hollow fuselage from the S61 Skycrane.

The troops are transported within a (presumably) detachable cargo container. It is possible that the Mi-40 could stow a vehicle within the container, or latched where the cargo hold is.


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