Buckle up!
- Humvee leaving the War factory
American Humvee

United States of America


- Anti-Personnel
- Anti-Vehicle (requires add-on)
- Infantry Transport




- Machine Gun
- TOW Missile Launcher (add-on)

Transport slots






Build time


Produced by

War Factory

Hot key


Humvee Upgrades

Advanced Training

The Humvee is the main scout vehicle used by the United States of America.


Hey, little off-roading?
- Humvee

The Humvee always has been an essential part to the arsenal of American forces. The newest Humvee model is very different from its predecessors. First, its machine gun was replaced by a higher caliber model that delivers superior performance, capable of mowing down infantry and light armored vehicles with ease with the latest technology in electronic targeting thanks to its powerful on board computer system.

The new model can also be fitted with a manned TOW launcher capable of reducing armored targets to mere scraps. The launcher can be easily and quickly assembled even in combat conditions with minimal set up time. The TOW launcher leaves no room for the machine gun and its electronic sensors however, only allowing generals to customize their Humvees for a single role.

After years frowning at lethal if not deadly accidents with infantry carelessly firing out the windows of the vehicle, US Army has forbidden their troops to attack the enemy this way claiming it to be unsafe and has instead encouraged the development of better on board weapon systems to the Humvee. Consequently, quite a few disgruntled commanders submitted complaints to the Pentagon regarding the ban, as a viable strategy they had frequently employed was filling a Humvee with Missile Defenders, allowing the Humvee to take on an anti-tank and anti-air role.

Unit DescriptionEdit

That's it, joyride's over.
- Humvee dropping off infantry

The USA's primary combat vehicle in the early game, the Humvee makes for an excellent raider and harasser, with its high speed and option to be upgraded with a powerful TOW missile launcher. It retains its transport capabilities, allowing it to quickly transport up to five infantry across the battlefield.

The Humvee starts off with a powerful machine gun that can mow down infantry with relative ease. Individual Humvees can also replace their machine guns with TOW missile launchers, giving them anti-tank capability and allowing Humvees to "kite" slower enemy vehicles.

Like all manned US vehicles, each Humvee can be individually upgraded with either a Battle Drone or a Targeteer Drone. The Advanced Training upgrade increases the rate at which it gains Veterancy.

It should be noted that the Humvee is very lightly armored and can be easily destroyed by enemy vehicles if it does not manage to retreat to safety quickly. Such a situation can be specially bad if the enemy manages to take out a Humvee carrying costly infantry like Pathfinders or SEALs.


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