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Hopper scouting the field

Hopper Tank
China HopperTank 2
They're laughing at me again, aren't they?!

People's Republic of China


Scout tank




75 mm cannon




1000 (Built in pairs)

Produced by

War Factory

Hot key


Strength in numbers!
- Two hopper tanks emerging from the War Factory

The Hopper Tank is China's light scout tank. These cheap, quick to build, agile, lightly armored and armed tanks are built in pairs. These are aimed for functioning as cheap and quick force multipliers to easily maintain Horde bonus for Chinese vehicles, to provide basic recon and for quick raids against the enemy base.


Quantity has it's own quality.
- Hopper Tank reporting
Hopper Tank

- Nationalism
- Depleted Uranium Shells
- Nuclear Tanks
- Isotope Stability


- Target Spotting

Clocking in at a mere 6 tons in weight, this light scout tank is oddly reminiscent of the historical tankette vehicles that were developed between the First and Second World War, when the true military role of armored vehicles was yet to take shape. Affectionately called the 'Hopper' by the PLA for its amazing agility and comical shape, the new vehicle entered service very recently.

Whilst American military experts were quick to dismiss it for its anachronistic role and 'ridiculous' design, the Chinese like to point out that a single one of these vehicles is still more resource-efficient and quick to produce than a Humvee, to the point where Hopper Tanks are always built in twos. This allowed China to complete 10.000 units in a single year, which are now serving in the ranks of the PLA and a number of domestic police units.

The Hopper can use its stubby 75mm cannon to destroy lightly armored targets and draw the attention of heavier adversaries away from the actual battle tanks.

Its armor is capable of resisting bullets, but does not stand much of a chance against larger calibers, let alone dedicated anti-tank weapons, making the Hopper a vehicle that is best used as part of a massive offensive.

The crew consists of only two people: A driver and a commander, who also serves as the gunner. True to vehicle's function as a scout, the commander can be ordered to peek out of the hatch and spy ahead with his binoculars, substantially increasing the Hopper's sight radius at the cost of not being able to attack until the commander has re-assumed his position behind the gun.

Amazingly for an otherwise low-tech vehicle, the Hopper Tank can also be equipped with depleted uranium shells and a miniature atomic battery.

Unit DescriptionEdit

- Hopper Tank on the move

Fast, small and cheap to produce. A strewd Chinese commander can scout the field ahead with these little blighters. Built in pairs, they can build up into a swarm relatively quickly.

Due to their compact size, they can't be fitted with bigger guns found on their bigger cousins but packs of these can cause quite a headache for them.

The upgrades drastically improve their combact effectiveness, making them more dangerous in the field and requiring the enemy to bring in tougher anti-tank weaponry to defeat them.

Tactics Edit

Scout ahead! Use these fast tanks to cover ground quickly and see what your enemy is up to, Their high speed allows them to evade unguided fire while on the move. Be careful with guided anti-tank weapons however as these tanks won't survive for long against them.

They can also be used to overwhelm bigger tanks and fully upgraded ones can put even the tough Manticore on its heels. The small price, and their paired deployment should help you build up swarms quickly and to gain the Horde effect.

Hopper Tanks should have nearby Gatling Tanks, and Twin Fangs, on standby whenever aircraft arrive to put them down.

Quotes Edit

When created Edit

  • Strength in numbers!

When selected Edit

  • They're laughing at me again, aren't they?!
  • They will not find us lacking!
  • We are legion!
  • Go ahead, General.
  • Quantity has its own quality.
  • Did somebody say... "tank blob"?!
  • Can I bring a few friends along...? *sinister laugh*
  • Awaiting orders, sir!
  • I used to drive an Overlord, but then I took a shell to the treads.

When moving Edit

  • Immediately.
  • Yes, General.
  • The Red Army moves faster!
  • They will not escape us!
  • Onward!
  • More speed!
  • Faster!
  • Right away!
  • Swarming to your location!

When using the scout ability Edit

  • I shall find them.
  • They will not go unnoticed.
  • Nothing escapes my sight.
  • I spy with my little eye...
  • Let me have a scout around.

When attacking Edit

  • Quick, before they can react!
  • For the Middle Kingdom!
  • To victory!
  • Engage the enemy!
  • Big trouble from little China!
  • Keep the pressure on!
  • Swarm them!
  • CHINA!!


  • When the AI is building Hopper tanks, one of them moves through the War Factory's back wall because two vehicles spawning at the same time is buggy. This is sometimes mistaken as that the AI does not build Hopper Tanks in pair. A similar glitch occurs with the Red Guard.
  • As the Lore states, it might be considered that these Hoppers are powered by batteries.
  • There are several easter eggs hidden in the hopper's lines, such as "I used to drive an Overlord, then I took a shell to the treads." and "We are legion."
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