Hind, prepared for war.
- Mi-24 Hind
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The Mi-24D Hind is the second tier heavy assault helicopter of the Russian Army. This versatile aircraft is not only lethal to both ground and air targets, but also able to carry up to 6 battle-ready troops onto the battlefield. It's to the air what the Overlord is to the ground.


The Hind first entered service in 1972. Though old, its a well proven design that has been through many conflicts of the days gone by with almost three consecutive generations. It is armed with rocket pods to tear up armored columns, and a Gatling gun to deal with infantry. It also carries Igla air-to-air missiles for usage against enemy helicopters. Hind is an absolute nightmare for any ground target. it's near legendary toughness earned it the title 'letayushchiy tank', or flying tank among it's pilots, while victims of its wrath nicknamed it the "Crocodile" for its ferocity. Being very deadly, the Hind is also very versatile, able to transport up to 6 troops on the battlefield, making it both a transport and an attack helicopter. However this versatility and firepower comes at the price of slow turning speed and acceleration.

As the Hind is a dying breed, given its age and complex chassis, only less than 500 are in Russian service, slowly to be supplemented by the heavier Hunchback. General Orlov has found new love for the Mi-24D, using its combination of features for a multitude of roles, from assaults to transports and even protect and escort other helicopters against aircraft.


Ability Description
Activate goliath defense system icon
Activate Goliath Defense System
Employ electro-optical disruption techniques that prevents the helicopter from being targeted by enemy attacks and abilities for 4 seconds. 30 seconds cooldown.

Requires Goliath System.


A very large helicopter, the Hind isn't made up for speed chases or agility runs. Its biggest asset is its ability to react to any kind of threat, be it in the ground or in the air, much like the Harrier, Although its power comes at the cost of its agility, it's a worthy unit to have at the front lines.

The AT rockets launched by the Hind are among the most powerful air weapons in the entire game, able to decimate entire vehicle columns in a matter of seconds, and in groups they are also very effective against structures. They are also able to transport up to 6 soldiers, allowing them to deploy additional firepower to the ground (particularly useful with Shock Troopers). The AA rockets are decent, but only truly effective when multiple Hinds are present as the reload times will allow most aircraft to escape before a single Hind can finish them off. The minigun is in contrast low-damaging, which means a Hind may have trouble dealing with a large number of Missile Defenders. The Hind is also rather slow and cumbersome compared to most other helicopters, and although its armor is very good, when targeted by Chaparrals it most likely won't be able to escape fast enough to survive.


Although the cost of acquiring Hinds is quite ghastly at first, when you have an Industrial Plant and a stable secondary economy, you could amass 7 or 8 of these monsters and send them as either tank column hunters or expansion base raiders. They are a little bit expensive and a little bit underpowered to be used as frontline units, but their cost is worth its weight in gold.

You could also order a Conscript to enter a Hind, and given that you have researched Infrared Goggles, the Hinds could acquire stealth detection as well, making them more useful against GLA Bike raids.


  • Effective against both infantry and tanks
  • Can attack aircraft
  • Rearms in air
  • Can use Goliath system to become intargetable (when upgraded)
  • Can transport infantry units
  • Has more missiles than Hellion
  • More powerful than Hellion

  • Missiles take some time to reload
  • Anti-aircraft fire is slow
  • Only transports 6 infantry units
  • Not effective against Jet fighters
  • Goliath system only lasts for a few seconds
  • Goliath system has a large cooldown


Prior to 1.85 the Hind uses some of the Twinblade's voiceset in Red Alert 3.

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