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The Hijacker is a GLA infantry capable of taking control of enemy vehicles instantly if they manage to enter them.


The ever efficient if not slightly peculiar Hijackers remain one of GLA's strongest answers towards superior enemy armor. These highly skilled and ruthless GLA agents are trained to enter and take control of enemy vehicles in a matter of minutes. It has been reported that even highly armored tanks are not safe from their reach and they remain a symbol of sheer terror for vehicle crews of all those who oppose the GLA's cause.


Ability Description
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Hijacks an enemy vehicle in close range, instantly taking control of it. If the hijacked vehicle is destroyed, the Hijacker may escape with the current veterancy level.
Cannot be used on heroic vehicles, transports with passengers, the Combat Cycle, the Pandur IFV, special vehicles (e.g. Manticore) and construction vehicles.


The Hijacker is a stealthed (if upgraded), unarmed infantry unit that, if managed properly, can turn the tide and augment the GLA's firepower by capturing enemy vehicles right from underneath one's nose. If upgraded with Camouflage, he becomes stealthed when stationary and on the move, only decloaking when in short range of the vehicle that he is about to commandeer. Upon destruction of the vehicle, he emerges from it unscathed and ready to repossess another unit. If a column has no anti-infantry units in its ranks, a single Hijacker can hop into a tank, get it destroyed, then jump into another one, and so forth until they are all lain in ruin.


Hijackers are best used in an ambush due to their low health and lack of armament. One must also time the hijack so as he would not be left chasing a unit, exposed and under fire. If an incoming force possessed stealth detection, then it is best to withdraw until they are either dealt with, or the formation is too engaged in combat to notice the theft. Heavy tanks and artillery are ripe for picking, owing to their slow speed or remaining stationary.


Hijackers, possessing no armor whatsoever and being armed with only a knife that they execute the crew with, are completely defenseless to any unit that is capable of retaliation, be it helicopters, infantry or anti-infantry units.

Even with his camouflage gear upgraded, they will reveal themselves when in close proximity, therefore making themselves vulnerable to anti-infantry and anti-personnel weapons, preventing from hijacking a selected vehicle.


The Hijacker reuses their original voiceset in the vanilla Generals and Zero Hour.