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The GLA's secondary command station is the Hideout, which produces Workers, Observation Vans, Recyclers, Scrambler Tracks and the Command Truck.


The Hideout is the foundation of every GLA encampment, allowing the early deployment of Workers, Command Trucks and reconnaissance vehicles. Notably, it appears to act purely as a basic logistics facility and does not contain any of the GLA's vital command infrastructure.


Basically the first structure the GLA gets on the battlefield, the Hideout is little more than a staging area for producing Workers, Surveillance Vans and the Mobile Command Center, should it be destroyed. The Hideout, like most GLA structures, can act as a tunnel network entrance and transport units across the map nearly instantly.



  • The Hideout is still referenced to as Command Center in the game files. The GLA used a more traditional Command Center in Zero Hour rather than the current Hideout.

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