The Twin Fang may be old but she's deadly.

To deal with more serious airborne targets, factions employ heavy anti-air units to take care of them. Tier-2 heavy AA are usually fitted with more advanced anti-air weapons than their tier-0/1 counterparts, and most of the time can only fire on aerial targets.

Heavy anti-air in Rise of the Reds.

Heavy anti-air units can have many different weapons, tactics and proficiencies other anti-air units don't, which makes them very effective. Each faction has their own heavy AA unit that differ from the other heavy AA units in the game in some form, some are more similar to others while some stand out. Most heavy AA are considered 'glass cannons', in that they are very powerful but also very weak and can take little pounding before they get destroyed and thus needs protection at all times.

List of heavy AA:

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