See this thing? It wrecks people.
- Heavy Sniper
Heavy sniper icon
The Heavy Sniper is a particularly lethal type of sniper employed by the European Continental Alliance, mostly by General Charles.


Wanna see something blow up?
- Heavy Sniper

There are not many things that produce such profound feelings of terror and fear as the sight of a comrade's face exploding into a mass of red mist, followed by the delayed sound of a high-calibre rifle shot from far, far away. The ECA Heavy Snipers are long-range marksmanship experts and masters at this particularly insidious combat style. Armed with a high-powered AW50 anti-material rifle, these elite sharpshooters can cause catastrophic damage to personnel and light armoured vehicles alike once set up. Due to their costly equipment and extensive training, skilled sharpshooters have become a rare asset for the Europeans during the war. The UK Special Forces command still has the capacities for large scale sniper operations and lends its services extensively to General Charles Cutting of the British Army in support of the war effort.


Heavy Snipers are elite infantry units equipped with .50 caliber anti-materiel sniper rifles, as the name suggests, they are excellent anti-infantry defense. With the ability of "one shot, one kill", this makes the worst nightmare to all infantry who are standing.

Unlike the Pathfinder, the Heavy Sniper able to snipe vehicles, thus can take out light vehicles with ease when massed, albeit low against armored vehicles and tanks. Can also snipe structures, with a low damage can only sustain.

However, it needs to be deployed before firing. It can apply the Heavy Sniper to be stealth unless firing his weapon.

Unlike other sniper infantry, it cannot garrison any structures and fire-ported vehicles.


Heavy Snipers are excellent taking out any infantry in sight before they can react, it can also capable of washing away massed of foot soldiers when Heavy Snipers are grouped.

They have also ability to target vehicles, mostly light vehicles which are effective to target with such as fast-moving Rocket Buggies or Technicals. It can also snipe tanks and structures, although with less damage unless massed.

They can also be stealthed when deployed to hide from enemy in sight, this can provide better ambush point for incoming enemy infantry attacks.

Heavy Snipers can be a base defense support, alongside with Grenadiers, to provide better protection for your base or other structures should be protected. When combining with Combat Medics provide additional support to stop Heavy Snipers from dying.


When they are still a sniper infantry, they are vulnerable to any kind of anti-infantry weapons, such as Gatling Cannon or Toxin Tractor, thus making them vulnerable despite that they able to snipe vehicles is because of low damage that is being sustained to them.

Another downside that they are vulnerable to stealth detection, therefore revealing their positions. Aside from that, they need to un-deploy before retreating or moving, thus leaving them vulnerable and the outcome is a loss. An encounter with aircraft will result in a same way, since they don't have weapons for anti-air unless escorting with Gepard or Felin Riflemen.


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