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Heavy Sniper
EU HeavySniper
"You see this thing? It wrecks people."

European Continental Alliance


Heavy Support Infantry


AW50 Anti-material rifle





Produced by



Research Facility

Hot key



Needs to be deployed first.

Heavy Sniper

- Ceramic Armor

Anti-material rifle loaded!
- Heavy Sniper

The Heavy Sniper is a particularly lethal type of sniper employed by the European Continental Alliance, mostly by General Charles.


Wanna see something blow up?
- Heavy Sniper

There are not many things that produce such profound feelings of terror and fear as the sight of a comrade's face exploding into a mass of red mist, followed by the delayed sound of a high-calibre rifle shot from far, far away. The ECA Heavy Snipers are long-range marksmanship experts and masters at this particularly insidious combat style. Armed with a high-powered AW50 anti-material rifle, these elite sharpshooters can cause catastrophic damage to personnel and light armoured vehicles alike once set up. Due to their costly equipment and extensive training, skilled sharpshooters have become a rare asset for the Europeans during the war. The UK Special Forces command still has the capacities for large scale sniper operations and lends its services extensively to General Charles Cutting of the British Army in support of the war effort.

Unit description Edit

Heavy Snipers are elite infantry units equipped with .50 caliber anti-materiel rifles. They excel at combating infantry and light vehicles at a long range. Like other ECA infantry, they benefit from the Ceramic Armor upgrade and can be evacuated by Combat Medics if mortally wounded (providing a half refund of their production cost). Unlike other sniper units, such as the USA's Pathfinder and GLA's Partisan, Heavy Snipers have no stealth capabilities. They must also deploy before firing.

Quotes Edit

When created:

Anti-material rifle loaded.

When selected:

Got my rifle ready.


Heavy sniper here.

Wanna see something blow up?

See this thing? It wrecks people.

When moving:

Sniper on the move.


Support on the way, general.

Right away.

Yeah, I've got it.

When attacking:

This is gonna be nasty.

Target in sight.

Engaging target.

Glad I'm not that guy.

This is going to hurt.

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