No system is safe!
- Hacker
Hacker icon
The uncanny yet resourceful Hacker hacks into the Internet to bring in a steady flow of income to support People's Republic of China's war machine. They can hack faster when garrisoned inside an Internet Center or Listening Outpost.


I can cripple their facilities.
- Hacker

In China, a man has to do everything in order to live; even taking advantage of other people. When China was introduced to the internet during the 20th Century, lots and lots of China's denizens were entranced to it; many by the amount of information they could get from it, and some by the amount of money they could get from it.

Smart and cunning, Hackers have an uncanny ability to seek what they think is most important to them; money. Of course, the People's Liberation Army did not ignore these men; after all, money is what makes the world go around, even in this part of the world. The PLA employed these young, politically semi-reliable and outstanding men to help them fund the Chinese war machine through any "acceptable" means necessary.


Ability Description
Hacker hack internet iconHack Internet Hacks to the internet to generate experience for the Hacker and provide a steady stream of money every 2 seconds with the amount depends on the Hacker's level ($5 at Regular, $6 at Veteran, $8 at Elite and $10 at Heroic). Lasts until given a new order.
Will be automatically used while the Hacker is inside Internet Trucks and the Internet Center with 20% increased hack rate.
Hacker disable building iconDisable Building Disables an enemy building with a computer virus from a distance of 150. Lasts until given a new order.



Nobody will notice the money is missing...
- Hacker when stealing funds

They are good at disabling buildings, and can also generate a steady supply of funds via the Internet. However, they are unarmed and unarmored, and should be escorted.


They're shooting on me!
- Hacker when being attacked

Hackers are vulnerable to anti-personnel weapons, particularly anthrax and radiation, and can be easily killed by even basic infantry.


The Hacker reuses their original voiceset in the vanilla Generals and Zero Hour.