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Guardian Angel Overview
American GuardianAngelTDM

United States of America


Anti-air counter


Point Defense Laser


Guardian Angel TMD GP Unlock

Guardian Angel

- Shoots down missiles
- Draws away enemy fire

Laser support on the way.
- Guardian Angel TMD

The Guardian Angel is a anti-air counter available to the USA as a rank five General's Promotion unlock.


The EAL-3 Guardian Angel entered service as part of the touted Tactical Missile Defense initiative in the early 2040s, which aimed to eliminate the risk of enemy missile systems including ATGMs, SAMs and even ballistic missiles in close coordination with American ground forces. After an extensive series of tests and evaluations, the Department of Defense signaled its approval for a plane whose distinct triple engine setup made it less susceptible to ground-based anti-aircraft fire than its more conventional competitors. The airframe went into serial production with a pinpoint accurate 150kW laser installed on its nose and an advanced sensor radome on its back. The Guardian Angel is also equipped with a sophisticated AI that can detect, identify, prioritise and neutralise missiles more quickly than a team of human operators as well as a large supply of infrared and radar countermeasures to protect itself. Due to its hefty pricetag of roughly 700 million dollars apiece, the EAL-3 can only be called into action by battlefield commanders with a full level 5 clearance.

Unit DescriptionEdit


Guardian Angel is an supportive generals power aircraft that intercepts any missiles and rockets and even distracting anti-air weapons if they reach target area in order to protect the generals power aircrafts. So, they can proceed bombers or ordinances to reach the target area without getting destroyed easily. They will aslo become untargetable when reach target area. Available in 5 rank level alongside with Spectre Gunship GP.


Guardian Angel is excellent destroying lots of rockets and missiles, even ballistic missiles like Grumbles. It even has flares to protect GP aircraft like the A10, Carpet bomber and even the Spectre Gunship. The Guardian Angel will become untargetable when it reaches target area. The affect may last longer to enough distracting anti-air and decimating rockets and missiles.


Guardian Angel is not quite enough to fool anti-air vehicles after its flares dissipate while GP Aircraft are incoming making them vulnerable too. If you are facing human opponents not quite good for your GP aircrafts, because him/her will help to command to stop targeting flares so they can fire on your GP aircraft instead. Lots of heavy anti-air will soon destroy Guardian Angel since the flares coming closer to them.


When calling-in:

"Laser support, on the way!"

"Tactical Missile Defense en route!"

"Instruments lock-on, general!"

"Running last systems checked before arrival!"

When arrived:

"Guardian Angel has arrived!"

"Always looking out for you!"

"Establishing Tactical Defense Zone!"

"Defensive laser online!"

Faction ArsenalEdit

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