Guard tower

A guard tower overlooking a bridge in Hungary.

Guard Tower Overview
EU GrdTwr

European Continental Alliance


- Anti-Infantry Defense
- Stealth Detection




- Mounted MG-3 machine gun



Build time



Solar Reactor



Guard Tower

- Structure Armor


- Spot Targets
(requires Prepared Defenses
Generals Power)
- Scanning Mode
(requires Prepared Defenses

The Guard Tower is ECA's primary anti infantry defense. Its powerful machine gun can cut through swathes of infantry with ease and can also hold off light vehicles. The Guard Tower is also one of the few defensive structures capable of detecting stealth and is capable of firing over other structures.


Posted by the hundreds along the eastern borders of Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria and Italy, these Guard Towers serve many important functions and form an integral part in the ECA's multi-layered border blockade. Thanks to the sophisticated scanner systems and high-powered searchlights installed on these towers, the European border guards can easily detect covert infiltrators. Alternatively, a pair of binoculars allows the operator to spy far into unknown territory. Perhaps the most controversial piece of equipment however is the German-made MG3 machine gun, essentially a copy of the infamous WW2-era MG42, that has been modified to accept standard NATO 7.62mm ammunition and fire at a 'mere' rate of 1300 rounds per minute as opposed to the original 1500. Even though there has not been a single reported casualty at the border, these fearsome weapons have been used to deter many border breachers that tried to bypass the checkpoints from the outside and the occasional group of fringe activists on the inside that refused to understand the necessity of these measures.

Structure DescriptionEdit

The Guard Tower is ECA's fearsome anti infantry defense. It can defend against large groups of enemy infantry and is also effective against enemy light vehicles. It can fire over other structures.

If the Prepared Defenses Generals Power is unlocked the Guard Tower gains the "Spot Targets" and "Scanning Mode" abilities. The first orders the gunner to use binoculars to keep watch, revealing a large area around the Guard Tower. The second ability orders the gunner to deploy scanners that enables the Guard Tower to detect enemy stealthed unit. The Guard Tower becomes unable to attack when these abilities are deployed.

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