Protecting Russian airspace!
- Grumble
Russian S300
"Mobile rocket launcher."

Russian Federation


Heavy Anti-Air


AA Missiles



Build time


Produced by

War Factory


Industrial Plant




Must reload after every four shots


Compression Missile Engines

The S-300P 'Grumble' is the heavy AA of the Russian Federation. It is infamous for its incredibly long range and heavy damage.


Where most countries comprise their militaries of an army, a navy and an air force, the official armed forces of the Russian Federation operate within six distinct branches: The Ground Forces, the Navy, the Air Force, the Airborne Troops, the Strategic Missile Troops and - last but not least - the Aerospace Defence Forces. Being tasked to protect the single largest national airspace on the globe, the members of the VKO are in charge of Russia's elaborate network of early warning radars and advanced surface-to-air weapon systems, the most prominent of which is the S-300 missile. Originally dubbed the 'Grumble' by NATO, the missiles can turn a large air space into a no-fly zone thanks to their amazing range and inescapable accuracy. Ever since its introduction in the late 1970s, the missile has been improved and modernised time and time again, giving birth to an entire family of SAMs which were exported to the likes of Kazakhstan, Belarus and Greece. During the Global War On Terror, some of these missiles almost wound up in the hands of the GLA if it had not been for the intervention of American special forces. The infamous Sulaymaan-Baluyev Affair of 2024 further eroded the trust between the Russian people and their dictatorial government in a series of events that eventually gave rise to a new President by the name of Nikolai Abramovich Suvorov.

Unit DescriptionEdit

As a heavy anti-air vehicle, it possesses no other weapon that its four-canister missiles. Before firing, it has to deploy its launch canisters into upright position, thereby denying it the mobility of the Tunguska, but it offsets this by having the longest range of all AA weaponry and the ability to destroy some aircraft with one or two missiles.

Pros and Cons Edit

Pros: Edit

  • Incredibly long range
  • Does heavy damage to aircraft
  • Missiles can destroy multiple targets

Cons: Edit

  • Slower than Tunguska
  • Must deploy before firing
  • Must reload after four shots
  • Slow rate of fire
  • Cannot use smoke grenades
  • Cannot attack ground targets


  • Grumble used the voice-set of the V4 Launcher from Red Alert 3, before v1.85.
  • Grumble is one of the 7 units having female voice. Others are American Ambulance, Twin Fang, Black Lotus, Combat Medic, Valkyrie and Viking Venom.
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