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Endurance is our speciality!
- Grizzly

- Explosive Reactive Armor
- Assault Armaments
- Compression Missle Engines


Use Smoke Grenades
Smoke grenade barrage

BTR-T "Grizzly" is Russia's tier 0 heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle. It is bullet resistant and is capable of carrying two infantry.


By 2049, the Russian Ground Forces had suffered severe casualties in its fleet of armored vehicles. In order to halt the relentless Euro/American advance into Germany, Russia retrofitted old T-55 tanks and transformed them into cheap armored personell carriers called the BTR-55 Grizzly. The Grizzly sports a 30 mm auto-cannon that can be further supplemented with a Kornet anti-tank missile once Assault Armaments has been unlocked, however the compressed space of the T-55 means the Grizzly can only transport two passengers.

Unit DescriptionEdit

The Grizzly is another one of the APC, comparing the Mauler. The different between the two is that, this vehicle is well-armored and has two transport slots, while the Mauler has a transport slot of six. Unlike it's counterpart, it is highly resistance to bullets which can sustain more damage from bullet-based weapons, allowing to survive much longer.

This vehicles is armed with autocannon from the start, and armed with unguided rocket when upgraded with Assault Armaments; the autocannon is used against infantry and light vehicles and the rocket is used to add more splash damage against its target. The autocannon is highly effective against infantry in terms of damage and has splash damage.

Like most of the Russian vehicles, can fire smoke grenades which distract the enemy fire temporarily. Additionally, if the Assault Armaments is installed, it can manually fire smoke grenade barrage.

This unit is a good choice for anti-infantry role, in terms of its heavy armor, unlike the Buratino or Tesla Tank has only light armor. Though they have better armaments.

This vehicle however, cannot cross through water, unlike the Mauler.


The Grizzly is well-armored and resistance to bullets, making better survival against swarm of bullets coming, especially from infantry and other bullet-based weapon vehicles. It can be further via upgrading Explosive Reactive Armor for more better protection.

The autocannon is effective against infantry, which can take it down in a short time. It can also mow down clustered infantry due to it's splash damage. Of course, when upgraded, will have rocket which deals additional damage.

It has only two transport slot however, it can be a stealth detector unit when a Conscript is transported with IR goggles, similarly to Mishka and Mauler.

For its protection, it has smoke grenades ability to blind the enemy fire and can use a chance to attack or escape from attacking. It can have a smoke barrage when the upgrade is installed.

Counters Edit

Being a well-armored vehicle, it still can be destroyed by group of AT soldiers or even AT vehicle. Unlike the Mauler, the Grizzly has slow speed, meaning it can easily take out by hit-and-run vehicles or artilleries. Also its worst counter, is the aircraft, mainly the fighter jets or helicopters, such as Widowmaker or Comanche.

The autocannon does not deal enough damage against armored vehicles, even with its rocket which deals minimal damage against it. So the tanks can take out this Grizzly quite easily.

Pros and Cons Edit

Pros: Edit

  • Highly resistant to bullets
  • Effective against infantry and light vehicles
  • Can use smoke grenades to distract enemy fire
  • Can fire a smoke grenade barrage (when upgraded)
  • Gains an anti-tank rocket attack (when upgraded)
  • Can transport infantry
  • Vehicle wreck can be recovered

Cons: Edit

  • Can only transport 2 infantry units
  • Not resistant to rockets
  • Rocket launcher and autocannon does less damage to tanks
  • Cannot attack aircraft
  • Slower than BMP
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