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European Continental Alliance


Heavy Weapons Infantry


40mm automatic grenade launcher





Produced by

European Barracks


Solar Reactor

Hot key



Needs to be deployed first
Uses two slots in transport
Cannot be crushed by vehicles
Cannot enter structures


- Ceramic Armor
- Canister Rounds


- Switch between Airburst or Explosive grenades

I love my gun!
- Grenadier

Grenadiers are used for suppression fire against light vehicles and infantry, and can clear garrisons with their secondary mode.


Armed with a fully automatic 40mm grenade machine gun, these heavy weapons specialists can lay down a devastating barrage of suppressive fire, wrecking entire concentrations of light vehicles and infantry within seconds. The cumbersome weapon weights over 30 kilograms and needs to be mounted on a tripod in order to fire, which is why it takes the operator several seconds to set up or displace; an issue that should be considered when choosing a fighting position. Aside from the standard armour-piercing/high-explosive grenades, the weapon can also be loaded with a special rubber-capped anti-personnel round that is designed to bounce and detonate in the air, releasing a vicious hail of shrapnel that shreds even the most heavily entrenched enemies.

Unit DescriptionEdit

The Grenadiers are armed with powerful deployable automatic grenade launcher, capable of firing barrage of grenades at a target with reasonable damage and range.

It has two grenade payload; the standard payload is used for vehicles and structures and while the airburst is used for against infantry units.

Do note that they need to deploy before firing, along with Heavy Sniper.

However, they cannot garrison structures or fire-ported vehicles.

Tactics Edit

Grenadiers are good at decimating vehicles and tanks, due to their high firepower and reasonable rate of fire. They are also effective against structures, heavy tanks, and even the Sentinel Tank when deployed.

The Grenadiers can use either between standard grenades and airburst grenades; the standard grenades are effective against vehicles and structures but deals low damage for infantry while the airburst grenades are very effective against infantry units in exchange of being ineffective against structures.

Their long attack range allows them to outrange most enemy defenses, making groups of Grenadiers very effective against enemy bases.

Grenadiers are well-armored against anti-infantry weapons, like the Shock Trooper to enough take more damage for himself before being killed. If the Ceramic Armor upgrade is researched, it will increase the health for Grenadiers, like most of ECA infantry units.

They can be transported in a Lynx APC for mobility, due to their speed, but they take 2 spaces in transport.

Counters Edit

Grenadiers need to deploy before firing, as a result, they are vulnerable to attack from anti-infantry units while moving and deploying. When deployed, they are easy targets for other artillery units due to their lack of mobility.

Like most other heavy and special infantry, they lack anti-air capabilities, as such, they can be easily countered by aircraft, when not supported by Felin Riflemen or Gepard.

Quotes Edit

When created:

  • Lets do this!

When selected:

  • Where do you need me?
  • Grenadier ready!
  • I love my gun!
  • Yes, general?
  • I'm ready to kick some ass!
  • Where's my target?

When moving:

  • Set up there!
  • Roger!
  • Yeah I hear ya!
  • Moving!
  • Grenadier on the way!

When attacking:

  • Ahahahaaaa!
  • Now keep running!
  • Wanna dance?
  • Turn them up!
  • Ahahaa!

When being attacked:

  • I'm under attack!
  • Medic!
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