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I love my gun!
- Grenadier
Grenadier icon
The Grenadier is an ECA infantry used for suppression fire against light vehicles and infantry, and can clear garrisons with their secondary mode.


Armed with a fully automatic 40mm grenade machine gun, these heavy weapons specialists can lay down a devastating barrage of suppressive fire, wrecking entire concentrations of light vehicles and infantry within seconds. The cumbersome weapon weights over 30 kilograms and needs to be mounted on a tripod in order to fire, which is why it takes the operator several seconds to set up or displace; an issue that should be considered when choosing a fighting position. Aside from the standard armour-piercing/high-explosive grenades, the weapon can also be loaded with a special rubber-capped anti-personnel round that is designed to bounce and detonate in the air, releasing a vicious hail of shrapnel that shreds even the most heavily entrenched enemies.


Ability Description
Grenadier explosive grenades icon
Explosive Grenades
Use explosive grenades that explodes on impact. Effective against all ground targets.
Grenadier airburst grenades icon
Airburst Grenades
Use airburst grenades that bounces on impact and explodes mid-air. Effective against infantry but ineffective against anything else.
Requires Canister Rounds.