Green Beret
Green Beret2
A team of Green Berets fighting in an European street



Advanced basic infantry

  • M16A5 assault rifle
  • M203 grenade launcher
  • Flashbang grenades (upgrade)
Hit points


Armor type


Sight radius




Speed (land)

20 (10 when injured)

Produced by
Ground attack
  • 6.5 (SMALL_ARMS) (assault rifle)
  • 30-5 (COMANCHE_VULCAN) (grenade launcher)
  • 35-10 (SURRENDER) (flashbang grenades)
  • 100 (between shots), 700 (reload after firing 4 shots) (assault rifle)
  • 3000 (grenade launcher)
  • 1000 (pre-attack delay), 1000 (between throws) (flashbang grenades)
Attack range
  • 135 (assault rifle)
  • 220, minimum 150, radius 15-25 (grenade launcher)
  • 175, minimum 20, radius 10-30 (flashbang grenades)
  • Capture Building
  • Assault Rifle
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Flashbang Grenades
Elite ability


Spec Ops, ready for combat.
- Green Beret
Green beret icon
Service personnel of the US Green Berets are deployed under the command of General Thorn, acting as his main combat infantry in place of Army Rangers.


Founded in 1952 as the original special forces of the United States Army, the Green Berets have taken part in covert operations around the entire globe. Highly proficient in the use of the enhanced M16A5 assault rifle, these elite warriors strike fear into the heart of every infantry man faced with the prospect of fighting them and they can use their under-barrel grenade launchers to fire powerful 40mm high-explosive/fragmentation grenades to obliterate foot-soldiers and lightly armored vehicles with ease.

The Green Berets performed excellently during the Global War On Terror and after the US' entry into the Russo-European War, General Francis Thorn, himself a veteran of the Army's 1st Special Forces Group, has requisitioned a large contingent of these excellent soldiers to spread fear and chaos behind the Russian lines in support of ECA resistance groups.


Ability Description
Capture building icon
Capture Building
Captures an enemy or neutral building. The capture process takes some time, during which the Ranger is vulnerable.

Requires the Capture Building upgrade.

Ranger assault rifle icon
Assault Rifle
Use the standard assault rifle.
Green beret grenade launcher icon
Grenade Launcher
Use the grenade launcher which can clear garrisoned structures and deals area damage but has minimum range and are fired slower.
Flashbang grenades ability icon
Flashbang Grenades
Use the Flashbang grenades that can force enemy infantry, with the following exceptions, to surrender:
  • Terrorists, who will randomly run off before detonating.
  • Shock Troopers, who will commit suicide.
  • Heroes, who will simply take damage.
The surrendered infantry can then be captured to power up the CIA Intelligence power available on the Detention Camp.

Requires the Flashbang Grenades upgrade.


Deployed with an assault rifle mounting an under-barrel grenade launcher, this unit can effectively take on enemy personnel and light vehicles. Like the Rangers, Green Berets can capture enemy buildings, upon upgrade at the Barracks.


Used to reinforce troops on the frontlines, these men are much more resilient than the Regular Rangers, as they can counter both infantry and light vehicle without breaking much sweat. Coupled with Delta Force Operators they can lay down a wall of lead that can deal with any infantry treats. Apart from reinforcing your army, Green Berets are adept at capturing/reclaiming tech buildings and unguarded high priority buildings, with a chance of returning to base unscathed via ATV Humvee.


As with most infantry, Green Berets are vulnerable against dedicated anti infantry units. While toxin, flame and radiation can eliminate them in mere seconds, upgrading them with Chemical Suits allows them to survive at least a bit longer, over exposure to these hazards will still eliminate them. Helicopters with auto cannons/mini guns can deal with them in just a few seconds.


When created (unused)

  • Spec Ops, ready for combat.

When selected

  • Ready for action.
  • What do you need me, General?
  • De oppresso liber!
  • Hardly expendable.
  • Live for somethin', or die for nothin'.
  • Anytime, anywhere.
  • Whatever it takes to win, sir.
  • Bred for excellence.
  • At your command.

When ordered to move

  • Moving to your mark.
  • Getting into position.
  • Affirmative.
  • Heh, I can smell 'em from here.
  • Yes, sir!
  • Roger that.
  • Moving on.
  • I'm heading there now.

When ordered to garrison

  • Fortifying structure.
  • Take up firing position.
  • Let's get out in the open!
  • Move to better cover!

When ordered to capture building

  • Moving to secure!
  • Capturing HVT!
  • Acquiring asset.

When captured a building

When ordered to become stealthed (unused)

  • Ghosting.
  • Keeping it quiet.
  • They don't call us "quiet professionals" for nothin'.
  • Stay out of sight.
  • Commencing covert ops.

When ordered to capture POWs (unused)

  • Stay down!
  • We got a live one here.
  • Move and you're dead!
  • Lemme see those hands!
  • Securing prisoner!

When ordered to use assault rifle

  • This is for firing AND fun!
  • Locked and loaded!
  • Assault rifle ready!

When ordered to use grenade launcher

  • Time for a bit of fun!
  • Loading grenades!
  • Let's strap THIS on your sorry asses!

When ordered to use flashbang grenades

  • Readying flashbang.
  • We'll take 'em alive... this time.
  • Arming stun grenade.

When ordered to use knives (unused)

  • (knife being unsheathed) Let's do this.
  • I'll get straight to the point.
  • Time to get personal.
  • Watch to the knife, knife to the hilt.

When ordered to attack with assault rifle

  • Prepped to fire.
  • Bad guy spotted!
  • Entering combat!
  • Direct action!
  • Let me show you REAL marksmanship!
  • You're in for a world of hurt!
  • He's all mine!
  • Let's rough 'em up!

When ordered to attack with grenade launcher

  • This might get messy!
  • Fire in the hole!
  • Try this on for size!

When ordered to attack with flashbang grenades

  • Tossing stun grenade!
  • Flash out!
  • Throwing flash!

When ordered to attack with knife (unused)

  • Easy as boogeyman.
  • Lemme introduce you to my little friend.
  • Stick around.
  • Quick and clean.
  • Time to draw first blood.

When under fire

  • Under heavy fire!
  • They got me pinned!
  • Son of a bitch put a hole in my prey!
  • Could use a hand here, sir!
  • Shit, I'm getting munched!
  • Takin' heat!



  • In 1.85 Green Berets replace Rangers that are currently delivered by the Airborne General's Power.
  • In 2.0 Green Berets will replace Rangers for General Thorn.

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