Green Beret2

A team of Green Berets fighting in an European street

Spec Ops ready for combat!
- Green Beret
Green Beret
American Greenberet

United States of America
- Special Operations General Thorn


Advanced Infantry


- M16A5 Assault rifle
- Flashbang Grenades
- M203 Grenade Launcher


Infantry Armor




GP Call-in

Build time


Produced by

- Barracks (mod v2.0)
- GP call-in (mod v1.85)


Paradrop GP Level 3 Call in Clearance

Green Beret Upgrades

- Capture Building
- Advanced Training
- Chemical Suits

Service personnel of the US Green Berets are deployed under the command of General Thorn, acting as his main combat infantry in place of Army Rangers.


Founded in 1952 as the original special forces of the United States Army, the Green Berets have taken part in covert operations around the entire globe. Highly proficient in the use of the enhanced M16A5 assault rifle, these elite warriors strike fear into the heart of every infantry man faced with the prospect of fighting them and they can use their under-barrel grenade launchers to fire powerful 40mm high-explosive/fragmentation grenades to obliterate foot-soldiers and lightly armored vehicles with ease.

The Green Berets performed excellently during the Global War On Terror and after the US' entry into the Russo-European War, General Francis Thorn, himself a veteran of the Army's 1st Special Forces Group, has requisitioned a large contingent of these excellent soldiers to spread fear and chaos behind the Russian lines in support of ECA resistance groups.



Deployed with an assault rifle mounting an under-barrel grenade launcher, this unit can effectively take on enemy personnel and light vehicles. Like the Rangers, Green Berets can capture enemy buildings, upon upgrade at barracks.


Used to reinforce troops on the frontlines, these men are much more resilient than the Regular Rangers, as they can counter both infantry and light vehicle without breaking much sweat. Coupled with Delta Force Operators they can lay down a wall of lead that can deal with any infantry treats. Apart from reinforcing your army, Green Berets are adept at capturing/reclaiming tech buildings and unguarded high priority buildings, with a chance of returning to base unscathed via ATV Humvee.


As with most infantry, Green Berets are vulnerable against dedicated anti infantry units. While toxin, flame and radiation can eliminate them in mere seconds, upgrading them with Chemical Suits allows them to survive at least a bit longer, over exposure to these hazards will still eliminate them. Helicopters with auto cannons/mini guns can deal with them in just a few seconds.


  • In version 1.85 of RotR, Green Berets replace Rangers that are currently delivered by the "Paradrop" General's Power.
  • Green Berets and Delta Force will be exclusive for General Thorn in ROTR version 2.0

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