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Grad 1
"A hail of pain!"

Global Liberation Army


Heavy Artillery


Rocket launcher







Produced by

Arms Dealer


Chemical Lab

Hot key


Grad Upgrades

- Armor Piercing Rockets
- Junk Repair


- Sustained Fire Mode
- Barrage Fire Mode
- Self Repair (requires upgrade)

BM-21 Grad, at your disposal!
- BM-21 Grad leaving the Arms Dealer

Employed by Warlord General Sulaymaan, the GLA BM-21 Grad is notorious for its formidable range, firepower and wide area of effect (AoE) damage capabilities.


Commence the onslaught!
- BM-21 Grad

General Sulaymaan, the Warlord General is easily called the most resourceful general of the GLA faction. Once Deathstrike's Lieutenant during the first GLA conflict 14 years ago he has moved upward in the ranks of the GLA command structure, From this he is given access to many scrapyards and weapons seen in the last few conflicts alongside some of his own contraptions. The BM-21 is such weapons. Able to fire successive shots at a large radius pelting it with High Explosive missiles and then move along to another location within seconds. Just like any other GLA unit, this unit will pack a bang for its buck - which happens to be on sale these days.

Unit DescriptionEdit

A new destination.
- Grad moving

GLA's recently introduced BM-21 Grad supplies GLA with some much needed long range firepower in exchange for lower mobility compared to other GLA units. The Grad has two firing modes - Sustained Fire Mode and Barrage Fire Mode. The first mode allows it to continuously fire a single missile at a steady rate, while the latter allows it to quickly fire a number of missiles at a time with an interval between barrages.

It is advisable to accomany with Radar Van to help with their low sight and large weapon range.


The Grad's firepower, range and AoE makes it devastating against all types of ground units and structures. Though it is fairly slow for a GLA unit, it is still more mobile than other artillery pieces like the Nuke Cannon or Mortar Track.

Grads can be used with tunnels to compensate for their mobility, and also make for a good defence. Enemy units can be rapidly decimated by massed Grad barrages, and the Grads can retreat into tunnels if they are taking damage, or if the enemy attempts to destroy them with aircraft or gets too close for comfort.

The Grad's damage can be further increased by 25% with the AP Rockets upgrade. Like all GLA vehicles it gains self-repair capabilities after the Junk Repair upgrade has been purchased.


As with most artillery units, the Grad is vulnerable to aircraft, so the best counters to Grads are fighters and helicopters, both of which can destroy Grads very quickly due to their low health.

Like most artillery pieces, the Grad is fairly slow and lightly armored, and also has a minimum range. Thus, if you manage to move your units within this minimum range the Grad will be forced to back up before it can fire at them.

PDL equipped units like Avengers and Paladins can neutralise Grad rockets and reduce the potency of their barrages, though unless you have a great many PDL equipped units most of the rockets will still get through. Heavily armored units like Sentinels may be able to withstand enough Grad barrages to get within range and destroy them. Other artillery pieces can also be used to attack Grads from long range.


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