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The Goalkeeper is a powerful rotary cannon emplacement in use by General Willem's forces.


First developed in 1979, the Goalkeeper has proven to be a very capable platform in naval and ground defense in more recent times.

The Goalkeeper fires RMKW 30mm FAP rounds. As these rounds do not contain any explosives nor deforming matter, the projectile velocity and durability are vastly superior to previous 30mm rounds. It is reloaded by an underground system not unsimilar to the Protector system.

Furthermore, the Goalkeeper is completely unmanned. An autonomous multi-mode fire control system -smaller than the Gun Turret's AI Pod- enables the Goalkeeper to track and fire upon enemy aircraft, ballistic missiles and drones with unmatched accuracy and range.

These radical changes made the Goalkeeper the first of its kind that can protect a base at any time, 24 hours a day.

During the invasion of Europe, the Goalkeeper saw action under the supervision of General Willem. A defensive line fortified with a few Goalkeepers is almost impregnable by air and significantly protected from artillery bombardment.