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Gepard Flakpanzer
EU Gepard
"The crew is itching for combat!"

European Continental Alliance


Anti-infantry/Anti-air tank


35mm Autocannon
Machine Gun







Produced by

Vehicle Assembly Depot

Hot key



Has a machinegun which can be manned by infantry.
Has an anti-infantry grenade system

Gepard Flakpanzer

- Revolver Cannons

Flak Panzer ready to clear the skies.
- Gepard leaving the Vehicle Assembly Depot

The Gepard Flak Panzer is the ECA's primary anti-air and anti-infantry vehicle.


Some say I got an itchy trigger finger... They were right!
- Gepard

With the initial mission of NATO first rendered absurd, then obsolete in the wake of the 2028 GLA insurrection, many European armies once again changed their operational doctrines back to a heavier, more localized Cold War era home defense mindset. As a result, the German Army decided to re-introduce the trusted Gepard Flak Panzer, whose most recent model was updated with a new fire-control radar and the same 35mm anti-aircraft guns used by the Sky Shield system,which also naturally including the highly effective 'Birdshot' fragmentation rounds. This allows the Gepard to engage both air and soft ground targets and achieve effective results despite its slower rate of fire, an issue that can be mitigated via the installation of the new Revolverkanone-35 autocannon. In order to protect itself from infantry units that somehow make it past the two massive guns, the Gepard is also equipped with the same close area defense fragmentation grenades as the Leopard which proved to be an effective repellent against the suicide bombers of the GLA in North Africa.

Unit DescriptionEdit

Time for some hunting.
- Gepard moving

The Gepard Flak Panzer is a slow moving and firing but well armed anti-air and anti-infantry unit. It is the only tier one anti-air vehicle with area of effect (AoE) damage capability, making it highly effective when defending against clusters of enemy infantry or rushing packs of enemy helicopters. 

The Gepard employs three different weapons for dispatching enemy infantry. It's primary weapon, the twin autocannons, can be very effective against clusters of enemy infantry. Like many ECA vehicles the Gepard also comes with an initially unmanned machine gun that can be manned by a Felin Infantry to give it another strong response to enemy infantry.  Lastly, the Gepard is equipped with close area defense fragmentation grenades. Any enemy infantry that gets too close is instantly sprayed with a shower of deadly shrapnel.

Like all tier one AA vehicles, the Gepard excels against enemy helicopters. It's autocannons, combined with a manned machine gun, can also be a threat to enemy light vehicles.  

The Gepard's slow speed sometimes makes it difficult to deal with fast enemy aircraft, specially enemy jets. Like all AA vehicles the Gepard is also not equipped to engage enemy armor. 

The Revolver Cannons upgrade increases the Gepard's fire rate by 15%, making it much more effective at dealing with fast enemy aircraft. If the Manticore Protocol is selected at the Research Facility, the Gepard gains access to two mutually exclusive upgrades - Nano Shock Absorbers that enhances its armor, and Hydrogen Fuel Cells that increase its speed.

Quotes Edit

When created Edit

  • Flakpanzer, Ready to clear the skies.

When selected Edit

  • ECA Flakpanzer.
  • Some say I've got itchy trigger finger, they were right!
  • The crew is itching for combat.
  • See anything out there?
  • Ready when you, komandant.
  • *Duck Hunt sound effects play* Wh-what is it?
  • Yes? what is it?

When moving Edit

  • Flakpanzer, on the way.
  • Hit the gas.
  • Were going trough.
  • Keep your eyes open.
  • Right away komandant.
  • Schnell, schnell!
  • Mach schnell!
  • They leave us there.
  • Time for some hunting.

When attacking Edit

  • Jawohl! Engaging targets!
  • Aha, there you are.
  • Your tour ends here.
  • Clouds of death.
  • Let's shrap them.

When revolver cannons upgrade is complete Edit

  • Oh yes, this will be good.
  • Even more shredding. Nice.

Gallery Edit

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