In version 2.0 of Rise of the Reds, players will have to choose one of three "generals" (determined by the faction selected in the lobby) once a match starts. Each possesses unique units, tech and support powers. All generals will provide new tactics to utilize, without changing the core game-play of the faction

Generals fall into one of the following categories:

  • Exaggerated: emphasis on improving its faction's trait(s).
  • Powerhouse or Heavy: emphasis on brute force; focus on improving firepower and hitpoints.
  • Trickery: emphasis on mobility; focus on stealth, infantry, etc...


Air Force (USA)

  • General Griffon prefers taking to the sky with more powerful aircraft to add to the USA airforce.

Red Army (China)

  • General Chen deploys superior numbers and frontal assault units to produce an overwhelming army.

Terror Cell (GLA)

  • General Yusuuf improves upon GLA's core features of stealth and guerrilla tactics.

Advanced Weapons (Russia)

  • General Aleksandr prefers to use special exotic units such as Tesla and other experimental technology.

Royal Guard (ECA)

  • General Willem deploys more powerful base defenses to the already defensive ECA.


Mechanized Assault (ECA)

  • General Wolfgang uses a combination of infantry, APC & IFV options, plus the capacity of deploying heavy Tank Hunters, as well as a number of special support units which make him more capable on the offensive than the other ECA Generals.

Special Weapons (China)

  • General Mau has the capacity of dishing out the most firepower pound-per-pound, by use of stronger napalm, and nukes.

Tactical Ballistics (Russia)

  • General Zhukov possesses additional high-damage/high-splash weaponry at his disposal, with emphasis on indirect fire support.

Tank Command (USA)

  • General Bradley prefers to deploy tracked vehicles designed to cover each-others' weaknesses, making his tank forces highly self-sustaining.

Warlord General (GLA)

  • General Sulaymaan prefers to go for the brute side of GLA with his infantry and vehicles, whilst still possessing the basic elements of stealth


Bio Command (GLA)

  • General Ibrahim deploys bio-chemical weapons resulting in distinct area-of-effect/area-denial weaponry.

Rapid Deployment (Russia)

  • General Orlov prefers the deployment of mechanized/spec-ops infantry and helicopters, allowing him to outmaneuver and raid more effectively.

Secret Police (China)

  • General Jin uses a lot of special infantry, defensive assets, urban combat weapons, ECM flares that distract enemy missiles and hacking abilities that revolve around disabling enemy vehicles as well as unique propaganda units.

Special Operations (USA)

  • General Thorn prefers camouflage and usage of more powerful infantry and unmanned ground systems.

Fire Support (ECA)

  • General Charles uses a combination of long range artillery and VTOL aircraft, designed to defeat groups of units out in the field in support of your own ground forces.