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The Gazelle is a nimble, agile, but poorly armored helicopter utilized by the GLA, and is the one of the two only aerial units they have at their disposal.


Originally a French helicopter from the previous century, the Gazelle found its way into the GLA arsenal via the absorption of African military defectors and through the numerous black market contacts. It starts out with an assortment of unguided rockets that can be replaced with a set of wire-guided anti-tank and anti-air missiles or two spray tanks of ever-reliable anthrax. The Gazelle is very light and thin-skinned but makes up for its lack of protection with great speed and agility.


Ability Description
Gazelle activate toxin sprinkler icon
Activate Toxin Sprinkler
Spray a medium area below the Gazelle with toxins. 15 seconds cooldown.
Requires Toxin Sprinkler.


Add-on Description
Gazelle anti tank and air missile icon
Anti-Tank and Air Missiles
Replaces the Gazelle's unguided rocket pods with wire-guided anti-tank/anti-air missiles effective against vehicles and aircraft.
Requires Aerial Ordnance.
Gazelle toxin sprinkler icon
Toxin Sprinkler
Outfits the Gazelle with a toxin sprinkler, allowing it to spray Anthrax to enemies on the ground.
Requires Aerial Ordnance.


The Gazelle is practically the only helicopter support for the GLA. With paper thin armor, they won't fare well with CAS for a direct assault.

However, unlike the tougher helicopter gunships of the modern nations, the Gazelle's lack of armor is made up for its impressive speed and manuverability. Sly warlords can harness this bonus by directing fast air strikes on enemy positions and then pulling them out just as fast as the enemy can react.

These choppers stay akin to the GLA's preferred strategy: hit and run and by harrassing the enemy in this matter will prove to be a difficult means to comprehend.

They begin with unguided rockets, which works well with infantry and buildings but they can be upgraded with a different loadout to make them a more serious threat: both to tanks and infantry alike.


Due to the light armour the Gazelle has and the GLA's preferred attack strategy which consists of hit and run attacks and harrassing enemy units, it is extremely vulnerable to aircraft which have an anti-air weaponry such as the Berkut, Raptor, etc., making the Gazelle simple target practice for them, consequently, it is vulnerable to any anti-aircraft vehicles since it will not be able to take as much punishment as other aircraft such as the Comanche or the Hind.


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