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Gattling Tank 1
Gattling Tank
Chinese Gatling Tank
"Keep the cylinders oiled!"

People's Republic of China


Anti-infantry/Anti-air tank


30mm×3 Gatling Gun







Produced by

War Factory

Hot key


Gattling Tank

- Chain Guns
- Nationalism

I have many bullets to spare!
- Gattling Tank emerging from the War Factory

The Gattling Tank is China's tier zero anti-air vehicle and also serves as their basic anti-infantry vehicle.

Lore Edit

Need a bullet barrage?
- Gattling Tank

China was a slow entrant into the world of Gattling technology, but once examples initially sourced from Russia had proven their still-lethal effectiveness against any exposed enemy infantry, and, surprisingly, enemy air power which had thought the supposedly outmoded guns little threat, it was ensured a key place in China's arsenal. With the introduction of the newest series, the new Gattling Tanks defend Chinese flanks reliably from threats from above and below, hosing down whatever they see with a stream of lethal, high-caliber bullets. The Gattling gun takes a few shots to spin up to full firing speed, but once it does, anything in its sights swiftly turns into a metallic (or flesh-and-blood) equivalent of Swiss cheese. Gattling Tanks have proved particularly effective against raiding enemy helicopters, but their limited range has resulted in the Chinese high command commissioning the development of another system, the Twin Fang, to deal with faster-flying jets.

The Gattling Tank has changed inside as much it has changed outside. Firing now is also completely automated, no longer requiring a gunner for the Gattling Tank to operate. Despite the fact that over 95% of the parts have been modernized to some degree, it still uses the same tried and true ammunition. 

Unit DescriptionEdit

Spin them up!
- Gattling Tank increasing rate of fire

Like the other basic Chinese units the Gattling Tank is cheap, fast to produce and highly effective when deployed in numbers. Gattling Tanks gain the Horde bonus when in groups of five or more Chinese vehicles. This effect increases the fire rate of each individual Gattling Tank by 25%. The Gattling Tank needs some time to fully spin up to achieve its full fire rate, making it specially vulnerable at the start of an encounter.

While individually weak and not particularly well armored, groups of Gattling Tanks offer great flexibility by effectively dealing with both enemy infantry and helicopters. And once upgraded and deployed en-masse they can pose a real threat to even fast jets and light vehicles, specially when under the effect of Propaganda broadcast which further increases the Gattling Tank's already impressive fire rate by 25%.

The Gattling Tank's efficiency can be increased with a few global upgrades. The Nationalism upgrade increases the effect of Horde bonus by 25%. Purchasing the Chain Gun upgrade increases its damage output by 25%. These upgrades are vital to make the Gattling Tank truly effective and to keep it competitive in late game.

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