Gps scrambler station icon
The GPS Scrambler Station is a GLA structure that renders all units and buildings around it invisible to most enemies.


The GPS Scrambler Station is, as the name suggests, a larger stationary version of the Scrambler-equipped Observation Van. What makes it noteworthy is that the signal-distortion equipment housed in these facilities is a lot more powerful than the rudimentary electronics that can be fitted into the cramped Vans - So powerful in fact that it needs to be connected to its own power source which comes in the form of a crude built-in wind turbine whose entire output goes into the nearby Scrambler. As a result, the stealth radius provided to vehicles and structures by these Stations is a lot larger than that of the Van. However, after the betrayal of Prince Kassad, GPS Scramblers have become a rare commodity, which means that cell leaders now require a rank 5 clearance in order to deploy them.


The GPS Scrambler Station serves as a structure concealment building. You can hide base structures and units around this station's vicinity from your enemies. It is recommended for you to cloak important structures like the Barracks, Arms Dealer or possibly even the Hideout midway between your home base and the enemies', establishing a forward operations base and from there, attack enemies without them knowing where you came from.

In Beta Version, the GPS Scrambler Station itself did not get stealthed, but the other building near it still get stealthed.