This is a list of the Global Liberation Army's unit quotes.

For the sake of simplicity, only units that do not reuse their original quotes in the vanilla Generals and Zero Hour as well as other Command & Conquer games are listed here.


Quote Said when
Death to the tyrants! Created
  • We have nothing to lose but our chains!
  • The revolution will not be civilized!
  • I fight for the cause!
  • Nothing will stop us!
  • We will not be held back!
  • Oppression dies now!
  • Smash the system!
  • No justice, no peace!
  • Not a revolt − a revolution!
  • We shall overcome!
  • Spread our will!
  • Tyranny cannot hide!
  • I'll get them, wherever they are!
  • This way, sure!
  • We will crush their twisted ideals!
  • For a better future!
  • We won't waver!
  • Run, quickly!
  • No distance shall stop the revolution!
Ordered to move
  • In there, hurry!
  • We will take that building for the cause!
  • The revolution's banner shall fly over it!
  • A good place to hide!
  • We'll ambush from in there!
  • We must seek shelter!
  • Our fortress against the oppression!
Ordered to garrison
  • Pigs to the slaughter!
  • Power comes through the barrel of a gun!
  • Have a taste of our pain!
  • You think you can escape?!
  • Your fortress won't protect you!
  • Your reign of terror ends now!
Ordered to attack
  • A little gift for the bourgeoisie!
  • A present for the invaders!
  • Planting the bomb!
  • Careful, these wires are finicky!
  • This will cost them an arm and leg, hehehehehe!
  • We will fill their hearts with terror!
Ordered to use
Improvised Mine
Under fire
Explodes upon death
  • We will rise again...!
  • I've failed the cause...!
  • NOOOO! I will not bow!!
  • I tried my best...!
  • Argh...! Stop! Enough!

Demo Truck

Quote Said when
Let's light the fuse! Created
  • Got plenty of explosives!
  • Primed and ready.
  • What?
  • Delivery is free for today only!
  • Spit it out!
  • Let's start this party with a bang!
  • I was born to do this!
  • Can you hear that ticking sound...? (laughter)
  • Let's do something extreme!
  • Yes?
  • Do you want to drive?
  • Mind the bombs!
  • Finally!
  • Planting foot!
  • Faster!
  • One way trip!
  • Let's go!
  • Time is wasting!
  • In transit.
Ordered to move
  • Dropping Demo Trap.
  • Placing Demo Trap.
  • Haha, this should be a barrel of blast!
  • Hey, wait, I need that!
  • I get plenty where that came from!
  • Let's leave them a present.
  • They won't know what hit them.
Ordered to use
Drop Demo Trap
  • Watch this!
  • Time's up!
  • I have a gift for you!
  • Best. Death. Ever!
  • Don't wait up for me!
  • This is my purpose!
  • I am invincible!
  • (laughter)
  • Priming explosives!
  • Special delivery!
  • Whooooo-ha!
  • What a way to go!
Ordered to attack


Quote Said when
Your wish is my command! Created
  • I'm awaiting your orders.
  • I will do whatever you want.
  • What shall I do?
  • I await my orders.
  • I'm ready for anything.
  • I have received your order.
  • I shall do it at once.
  • Anything, my commander!
Ordered to move
  • You have my word.
  • As you have ordered!
  • I shall carry out this order!
  • Pigs and dogs, they are closing in!
  • More of the pigs!
  • Fire!
  • Now... die!
Ordered to attack
I have been hit...! Shot down


Quote Said when
BM-21 Grad, at your disposal. Created
  • They shall meet their end.
  • Waiting patiently.
  • They shall learn the meaning of pain.
  • Their insolence shall be their undoing.
  • Yes, General.
  • We are required.
  • There will be stories of this day.
  • Fear the howl of death.
  • We have many rockets to spare.
  • Grad, awaiting the moment to strike.
  • Every second counts.
  • An excellent choice.
  • Their end draws near.
  • Ripe for the taking.
  • A new destination.
  • But of course.
  • Our message will be clear.
  • As quickly as possible.
  • We will make our presence known.
  • They shall behold our strength.
Ordered to move
  • Their end is inevitable.
  • The assault will be ceaseless.
  • One after another.
Ordered to use
Sustained Fire Mode
  • Ready the barrage!
  • Their demise will come swiftly.
  • We show no mercy.
Ordered to use
Barrage Fire Mode
  • Remove them!
  • No prisoners, no survivors!
  • They will be no more!
  • It is time, FIRE!!
  • Teach them a lesson!
  • The heavens will rain down upon you!
  • Oooh, don't get mad – get "Grad"!
  • Commence the onslaught!
Ordered to attack

Hook Gunship

Quote Said when
  • Heavy gunship deployed.
  • Mi-6 Hook, to the skies.
  • Mi-6 Hook deployed.
  • This is the Hook.
  • Yeeeees?
  • Nobody expects the GLA airforce!
  • Who are we hooking up with today?
  • What do you need?
  • Destruction, transportation... or both?
  • Hook, awaiting your command.
  • GLA gunship standing by.
  • Soon.
  • We will not be stopped.
  • Flying over.
  • As you wish.
  • The skies will turn dark.
  • We are heading there now, General.
  • Let's get moving.
  • Where are they...?
  • Hook, on the move.
Ordered to move
  • Get out! You're just slowing us down!
  • Yes, yes, now GO!
  • Unloading!
  • Good, more space for rockets!
Ordered to evacuate
  • Erase these infidels!
  • Let fly!
  • All will fall!
  • Fire all the rockets!
  • Rockets, rockets, ROCKETS!!
  • Taste our wrath!
  • Destroy that target and everything around it!
  • Make them pay for their ignorance!
  • Unleash our fury!
Ordered to attack
  • We are dropping like a brick!
  • THIS IS IT!!
Shot down

Hyena Interceptor

Quote Said when
Hyena reporting, what is your request? Created
  • I am fully loaded and ready to strike.
  • Hyena awaiting command.
  • My eyes are wide open.
  • Interceptor on standby.
  • Yes, my leader?
  • What is your wish, Commander?
  • Understood, Commander.
  • Hyena on track.
  • You can count on me, leader.
  • Air support is incoming.
  • As quickly as possible.
  • Order received, General.
  • Interceptor en route.
Ordered to move
  • I will remind them whose territory this is.
  • Nothing will escape my gaze.
  • You can trust me on this, leader.
  • I am approaching for air patrol.
  • Not even a fly will pass.
  • I will guard our venerable skies.
Ordered to guard area
  • Unleash the rockets!
  • Firing barrage!
  • You will taste my claws!
  • We must cull these pests!
  • Get those infidels!
  • Die!
  • It is too late to regret!
Ordered to attack
ground targets
  • This is not Top Gun, you fool!
  • Get out of our airspace!
  • Dogfight engaged!
  • I will swat you like a buzzing insect!
  • No chance, fly-boy!
Ordered to attack
air targets
  • I'm hit!
  • Engines are on fire!
  • NOOOOO!!
Shot down


Quote Said when
Anything, my commander? Created
  • We make martyrs of everyone.
  • Your wish is my command.
  • Yes?
  • I will do whatever you want.
  • I shall carry out this order.
  • I shall do it.
  • I shall do it at once.
  • Consider it done.
  • As you have ordered.
  • I have received your order, I will carry it out.
Ordered to move
  • More of the pigs.
  • I see them!
  • Fire!
  • I have selected the target.
  • Now die!
  • I have picked my victim.
  • I see the infidels now.
Ordered to attack


All Mercenary units speaks in an unknown English-based pidgin.


Gunner and Grenadier

Note: Both the Gunner and the Grenadier share some quotes but some are different.


Quote Said when
I fight for my people! Created
  • They shall not steal the land of our fathers!
  • We must destroy the invaders!
  • We will suffer no more!
  • Our voices will be heard!
  • I will do what is necessary.
  • The enemy is near, I can feel it.
  • I will aid you.
  • What would you have me do?
  • My rifle shall be my voice.
  • Yes, I understand.
  • The time for action is now!
  • For our freedom!
  • Another way.
  • Agreed.
  • I can make it.
  • A voiced plan.
  • With caution...
Ordered to move
  • It will provide shelter.
  • Quick, to cover!
  • A good vantage point.
Ordered to garrison
  • I think I might tap something.
  • Deploying receiver.
  • They cannot hide from me.
  • Let's find out what they are up to.
  • Tuning in.
  • Tapping into their communications.
Ordered to use
Deploy Radio Receiver
  • Put them down!
  • An eye for an eye!
  • For the fallen!
  • They will intimidate us no longer!
  • I am beyond forgiveness!
  • TO ARMS!!
  • They brought this on themselves!
  • I can't take it no more!
  • We have had enough of your lies!
  • I never miss...!
Ordered to attack
  • I am being overrun!
  • Help, they're on to me!
  • The invaders are out for my blood!
Under fire
  • I... come quietly!
  • Okay, okay! I surrender!
  • Please, wait! I... I give up!
  • I... I can't fight no longer...

Plague Duster

Quote Said when
Plague Duster ready to contaminate! Created
  • En route, General.
  • Swiftly.
  • Yes, General.
  • Yeah, sir.
  • Plague Duster moving.
  • The GLA will get its air support!
  • Something to contaminate there?
  • Your wish is my command!
Ordered to move
  • Here comes your dosage!
  • (sniffs) Aaaah... breathe those fumes here!
  • Choke them out here!
  • Airborne toxins on the way!
  • It's time to contaminate!
  • Look up and breathe!
  • They will choke in a cloud of death!
Ordered to use
Activate Toxin Sprinkler
  • Fire on the peasants!
  • Firing rockets!
  • Striking them, General!
  • Hit them!
  • Attack order received!
  • Watch out for fire!
  • Today is the day!
  • Nobody expects us!
Ordered to attack
ground targets
  • They dare fly in our airspace!
  • Swat them out!
  • Bring them down!
  • Send them to hell!
  • On your order, General!
  • Get rid of the infidels!
Ordered to attack
air targets
  • Help! HELP!!
Shot down


Most of the salvage upgraded Recycler's lines contains a reference to each faction's units (often stereotypes) and popular culture.

Note: The following lines are used by all Recycler variants in addition to ones specific to each variant.
Quote Said when
  • Yes?
  • What?
  • Go on.
  • So, what do you think, huh?
  • Come on, spit it out!
  • Oh, get on with it!
  • Built it myself!
  • You have my undivided attention! ...oh, shiny!
  • You're talking to me!?
  • We all need a hobby.
  • You're right, I'm a pretty big deal! (laughter)
  • Waste not, want not.
  • Ah... variety is the spice of life!
  • Hey, you want me to pimp your ride?
  • I might made a few modifications.
  • Will it blend? That is the question!
  • Oh, you might not believe the trouble I had getting the insurance!
  • Fine with me.
  • Alright.
  • Buckle up!
  • If you say so.
  • Safety not guaranteed!
  • Alright, fine, I'm going!
  • Keep on truckin'!
  • That all must sound like a plan!
  • Somebody's gonna get scrapped!
  • Alright, we'll do it your way for once!
  • Ah, I knew I should've swiped the leather seat!
  • You really don't want to know the mileage on this thing!
  • Excellent!
Ordered to move
  • Preparations must be made!
  • Agreed, I like it here!
  • Just what I was thinking!
  • Deploying!
Ordered to deploy
  • Surprise!
  • I see dead people!
  • Take this!
  • Let's give it a try!
  • They won't be expecting this!
  • How do you like it?
  • Beware the Scrap Man!
  • Gotta scrap 'em all!
  • Get him! I want his stuff!
  • Does this looked familiar...? (laughter)
Ordered to attack
Note: The following lines are used by the basic variant.
Quote Said when
  • Oh, don't mind me, I'm just a simple mechanic... (sinister laugh)
  • Oh, I might have a few tricks up my sleeve!
  • So you want something repaired on that?
  • Ah... what did you break this time?!
  • What's my secret...? Duct tape, of course! (maniacal laughter)
  • Ah, do want!
  • Epic loot!
  • Oooh, that's intriguing!
  • Finders keepers!
  • Now that's what I'm interested in!
  • That's what I'm talking about!
  • And it's all mine!
  • Ah, they don't needed it anymore!
  • I'm just going to borrow these!
  • Awww... it's never an Arc Reactor!
  • Oooh... this one is purple quality!
  • All your scrap are belong to me!
  • Ah, fresh scrap! ...what? What do you mean I have to share it?!
  • Oh, don't mind me, I'm just stealing your technology!
Ordered to use
Recover Salvage
  • Alright, fine, I'll fix it.
  • Ugh, this is so below me!
  • Is that it? Is that all you wanted?
  • This is coming out of your scrap allowance!
  • Alright, but if you break it again, don't come crying to me!
  • Ah, it's alright, not everyone is as gifted as I am.
  • Oh, get out of the way, let me do it!
Ordered to use
Deploy Area Repair

Drone Controller

Quote Said when
  • It's not a bug, it's a feature!
  • Remind me to thank all those U.S. taxpayers!
  • We didn't just leave these things lying around, you know.
  • What can I say? I love having pets!
  • Amazing what you can achieve with few guns and some duct tape!
  • Onward, my puppets!
  • Follow me, my pretties!
  • I'm such a slave driver, (laughter)
  • I... have... no idea what are those beeps mean.
Ordered to move
Ordered to attack

Airstrike Relay

Quote Said when
  • I always wanted a private jet!
  • ("Born in the U.S.A." played in the background) Born in the U.S.A.... Born in the U.S.A... (maniacal laughter)
  • Ah, don't worry, those Yanks will bomb anything!
  • I'm sure they don't mind me borrowing this trailer... right?
  • I've had it, I'm going on strike! Haha!
  • Oh now that's just plane crazy!
  • For America! (laughter)
  • Argh, I can't wait for a bit of payback!
  • Let's go do some... liberating of our own, eh?
  • U.S.A.! U.S.A.! (laughter) ...ah, Americans...
Ordered to move
Ordered to attack


Quote Said when
Ordered to move
  • Burn all of the things!
  • Barbeque time!
  • Great balls of fire!
  • Toasty!
Ordered to attack

EMP Cannon

Quote Said when
  • Oh, I'm such a turn off!
  • What? I'm helping people save energy!
  • Ah, it ain't no GoldenEye... but it'll do!
  • I. P. S... What the hell does I.P.S. mean?
  • Hey, you want to see a bit of magic? (laughter)
  • Rolling blackout!
  • A stunning move!
  • Very efficient!
  • I really hope this thing doesn't backfire!
Ordered to move
  • Deploying the EMP cannon... thing. Ah, you know what I mean!
  • Warning: Localized blackouts in your area!
Ordered to deploy
  • Lights out!
  • They'll be powerless to stop me!
  • You don't need that on, do you?
  • I think you need a bit downtime!
  • Nice toys! ashamed if they just stopped working!
Ordered to attack

Salvage Container

Quote Said when
  • Oh, you don't want any of these, it's uh... uh... just junk, that's all!
  • Why does everyone want my stuff all of the sudden?
  • Oh, so now you all interested in my work?
  • What are you buying? (laughter)
  • You want something, do you?
  • What, am I your delivery guy now?
  • Fine, let's find some more customers, or whatever...
  • Where are we going? My hideout's that way!
  • You're going to make me share this, are you?
  • A prompted and efficient service!
Ordered to move
  • See anything you like?
  • I suppose sharing isn't so bad.
  • Eh, I didn't need that anyway.
  • I'll trade you with one of the Power Nine!
  • Fine, I'll see what I've got!
  • See if you could find something useful in that.
  • Well, I'm not looking for it; you dig it around!
  • All customers, to your collection point, please!
  • I've got just the thing! ...somewhere... I think?
  • Please, help yourself! ...ah, I can't believe I've said that.
  • I can't believe you got me sharing! ...feels kinda good, actually!
Ordered to use
Drop Salvage

Toxin Tanker

Quote Said when
  • Ahhh... I always loved chemistry!
  • What flavor would you like?
  • Thrax's legacy lives on!
  • Apparently, I have an infectious personality!
  • Just like the good doctor taught me!
  • Like a chemical spill!
  • Let's spread the love... (laughter)
  • Don't you all want to come out and play?
  • What an intriguing order! What could it be... (laughter)
Ordered to move
Ordered to use
Open Valve
  • No, you're right, I should've saved it for later!
  • I suppose that's enough for now.
  • Ah, you're such a killjoy when you wanted to be!
Ordered to use
Close Valve
  • Deep breath!
  • Toxic fatality!
  • And for my grand finale...
Ordered to attack

Tesla Orb

Quote Said when
  • Going on a power trip!
  • The science never stops!
  • This is gonna be a shockery system!
  • Greased lightning!
Ordered to move
  • I AM A GOD! (laughter)
  • Ah, Nikola was such a noob! Watch this!
  • Let's give this crazy Russian disco ball a try!
Ordered to attack

Rotary Cannon

Quote Said when
  • They'll be quaking in their boots!
  • Just look at the fire button... ooh, so tempting!
  • Heavy Metal!
  • I think I'm going to enjoy this!
Ordered to move
Ordered to deploy
  • Cry some more!
  • In Soviet Russia, I STILL WIN!
  • Hell, it's about time!
  • I thought you'd never asked!
  • My pleasure!
Ordered to attack

Penetrator Quad Gun

Quote Said when
  • Bound to hit something, right?
  • Four barrels! Count them! FOUR! (laughter)
  • Hey, you're checking up my guns?
  • Am I see this be the only one finds a Penetrator funny?
Ordered to move
  • Oh, come on, surely you want to use quad mode?
  • Little and often. Nice and efficient.
  • How modest of you.
Ordered to use
Single Shell Fire Mode
  • Double shot activated!
  • Just two barrels? You're sure you don't want four?
  • Double the gun, double the fun!
Ordered to use
Dual Shell Fire Mode
  • Oh, yeah, that's the mode you want!
  • Now this is how you wreck stuff!
Ordered to use
Quad Shell Fire Mode
Ordered to attack

Microwave Deathray

Quote Said when
  • (microwave dinging) Again? WHERE is that coming from?!
  • How do you like my new... "Death Ray"? ...mine still working on the name.
  • Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, doesn't it?
  • I should start a cooking show!
  • (microwave dinging) Again with the dinging! Where is that coming from?!
  • Things are really heating up now, eh?
  • Warmer... WARMER... (laughter)
  • Let's go turn up the heat!
  • Oooh, sounds intense!
Ordered to move
  • You might feel a slight burning sensation!
  • Ever seen a hot bucket explode? Allow me to demonstrate!
  • Don't worry, the feeling is only temporary... (laughter)
  • Brrrmmmmm... (laughter)
Ordered to attack

Stinger Soldier

Quote Said when
Watchful eyes of homeland skies! Created
  • Stinger armed and ready.
  • They shall not drive us out!
  • Anti-air at your service, General.
  • Protector of our venerated skies.
  • We shall not tolerate transgression.
  • Missiles prepared to strike.
  • No sky rats shall escape my aim.
  • Senses sharp, General.
  • I know these lands, General.
  • They will pay for all the homes they have destroyed!
  • Stinger on the way.
  • GLA anti-air en route.
  • Marching order now.
  • Commencing my journey.
  • The path to freedom.
Ordered to move
  • I'll keep my eyes peeled.
  • None will escape my gaze.
  • No infidel shall pass.
  • I'll strike them down if I see them.
Ordered to
guard airspace
  • A good vantage point.
  • We can take cover in there.
  • That's a good ambush location.
  • Quickly, in there!
  • We can fire our missiles from there.
Ordered to garrison
  • Shoot them!
  • They've snuck up on us, brothers!
  • Use your pistols! Hurry!
  • Let their blood nourish our soil!
  • Run to cover!
Ordered to attack
ground targets
  • Crash and burn, scum!
  • Get out of my skies!
  • Targeting the fools.
  • Witness my vengeance and fall!
  • Like lightning from a cloudless sky!
  • Bring them down!
  • Say your prayers!
  • Revenge for my people!
Ordered to attack
air targets
  • Brothers! Help me!
  • Argh!
  • The infidels are firing upon me...!
  • Send reinforcements, General...!
Under fire
  • I was out of missiles anyway...
  • Alright, alright, you got me...!
  • This is so embarrassing...
  • Grah... I can't fire missiles like this...
  • Don't shoot! I surrender!

Vulture Bomber

Quote Said when
Vulture ready for a raid! Created
  • Yes, my leader?
  • Where is my prey?
  • Old, but gold!
  • I hear you, Warlord!
  • What do you want, General?!
  • Oh, you must see this... it's the bomb!
  • Do you finally have something for me?
  • What is our next move, my leader?
  • Their end approaches!
  • Get close to them!
  • I will find them!
  • Can't wait to get my claws on them...
  • I cast a deadly shadow.
  • Come on, FASTER!
  • I'll deliver some... airmail. (laughter)
Ordered to move
  • Do I looked like a play defensive?
  • (spits) Waste of fuel...
  • You really want ME to circle like a carousel?!
Ordered to guard area
Ordered to attack
  • You can't be serious!!
  • I will take you with me...!!
  • Get back up, you piece of sh... (static)
Shot down