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Logo-gla A breakdown of upgrades available to the base GLA faction as of RotR v1.86:

Tier 0Edit

Upgrade Cost Purchased at Game-play Impact
Capture Building
1000 Barracks - Enables Rebels to capture buildings.

Tier 1Edit

Upgrade Cost Purchased at Game-play Impact
Worker Shoes
1000 Black Market - 10% Increased Worker supply collection rate.

- 20% Increased Worker Movement Speed.

Junk Repair
1000 Black Market - All vehicles will auto repair.
Armor Piercing Bullets
2000 Black Market - 25% Increased damage to all bullet firing units.
Arm the Mob
1000 Black Market - Arms Angry Mob with AK-47.
1500 Black Market - Stealth ability for all GLA infantry.
Cash Bounties
1000/1500/2000 Black Market Earn a cash bounty for every enemy kills

- Minor Bounty: 10% enemy value.

- Moderate Bounty: 20% enemy value.

- Major Bounty: 30% enemy value.

(Can be upgraded 3 times)

Arms Merchant
2000 Black Market Produces additional $35 of fund every 2 seconds for each upgrade.

- Hire Gun Merchant.

- Hire Small Arms Merchant.

- Hire Heavy Weapons Merchant.

(Can be upgraded 3 times)

Tier 2Edit

Upgrade Cost Purchased at Game-play Impact
Scorpion Rocket
1000 Chemical Lab - Scorpion tanks gains a rocket attack.
Rocket Buggy Ammo
1000 Chemical Lab - 100% Increased rocket ammunitions.

- 50% Increased rate of fire for mortar attack

Anthrax Beta
2000 Chemical Lab - 25% Increased damage for all toxin weapons.
Armor Piercing Rockets
1500 Chemical Lab - 25% Increased damage on all rockets and missles..
Toxin Shells
1000 Chemical Lab - Tank and Mortar shells have toxins on impact.
Command Expansion
500 Chemical Lab - Mobile Command Truck can perform radar scans.
- Mobile Command Truck becomes stealthed when deployed.

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