Logo-gla A list of upgrades available to the Global Liberation Army as of 1.86:

Tier 0

Upgrade Cost Purchased at Description
Capture building icon
Capture Building
$1000 GLA Barracks Allows Rebels to capture neutral and enemy buildings.

Tier 1

Upgrade Cost Purchased at Description
Worker shoes icon
Worker Shoes
$1000 Black Market Increases Workers' speed by 20% and supply collection rate by 10%.
Junk repair icon
Junk Repair
$1000 Black Market GLA vehicles will automatically repair themselves while not in combat.
Armor piercing bullets icon
Armor Piercing Bullets
$2000 Black Market Increases the damage of GLA bullet-firing weapons by 25%.
Arm the mob icon
Arm the Mob
$1000 Black Market Arm Angry Mobs with AK-47s which doubles their damage and increases their range by 25%.
Camouflage icon
$1500 Black Market GLA infantry (except Workers) will be stealthed when not attacking.

Tier 2

Upgrade Cost Purchased at Description
Scorpion rocket icon
Scorpion Rocket
$1000 Chemical Lab Scorpion Tanks gain an additional rocket attack.
Rocket buggy ammo icon
Rocket Buggy Ammo
$1000 Chemical Lab Doubles the ammunition of Rocket Buggies' rocket launcher and increases their mortar's firing rate by 50%.
Anthrax beta icon
Anthrax Beta
$2000 Chemical Lab Increases the damage of toxin weapons by 25%.
Armor piercing rockets icon
Armor Piercing Rockets
$1500 Chemical Lab Increases the damage of GLA rocket and missile weapons by 25%.
Toxin shells icon
Toxin Shells
$1000 Chemical Lab GLA tank and mortar shells leave a small cloud of toxin upon impact.
Command expansion icon
Command Expansion
$500 Chemical Lab Expands the Command Truck with new equipment:
  • The Command Truck can use Radar Scan.
  • The Command Truck becomes stealthed when deployed.

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