Scissors The subject of this article was scrapped during development and are no longer present in-game. Scissors

The Su-25 Frogfoot was the main attack aircraft/bomber of the Russian Federation. It was known for being one of the most heavily armed aircraft within the whole game, dealing massive damage to vehicles and structures alike.


The Su-25, nicknamed the "Frogfoot" by the west, is the main ground-attack aircraft of the Russian Federation. It has served in many of Russia's conflicts, from the war in Afghanistan, to the European Invasion, it has proved its worth, and spreads fear and panic throughout the enemy lines.

Armed with an extremely potent arsenal of guided missiles, several rocket pods and 2 thermobaric bombs, the Su-25 can swoop in and pound any enemy, caught underneath, all in the name of the Motherland.

Following the entry of the United States into the Russo-European War, thus making it World War III, the Frogfoot found itself suffering heavy losses against the F-22 Raptor. As a result, the aircraft was mothballed and replaced by the more modern Sokol. There were rumors of Frogfoot aircraft disseminating into Global Liberation Army forces, but this is simply not true, as the GLA recently introduced a new model of the Interceptor.


Remained relatively unchanged since the last century. The frogfoot still proves its mettle against more modern air-to-ground aircraft. Fully compatible with the new on-field Russian Airfields, the Frogfoot is readily deployable after the Industrial Plant has been constructed.

Armed to the teeth, the Frogfoot can seriously pound any ground unit into oblivion, dispensing its ammunition with ruthless abandon before scooting back to its airfield to restart its deadly mission once again.

While heavily armed, the frogfoot is extremely durable, taking a tremendous punch for singular forms of AA, which is usually sufficent for the Frogfoot to complete its mission, nonetheless escape with major damage; Those upgraded with compressed missile engines, Frogfeet would have a greater chance of bringing down AA units, before they have a chance to bring it down.

However, for all this power and durability, comes its staggering price of 2700$, making it one of the most expensive aircraft in the game.

Compared to other aircraft, it also has a very slow build time, which means Russian commanders cannot field them rapidly. With the lost aircraft slow to replace those have the time, and money can generally shrug it.

Because the Frogfoot's main focus is air-to-ground missions, the frogfoot is vulnerable to air-superiority fighters, including the speedy Raptors.

With its armor, it still dosen't travel as fast, second faster after the Harrier and under tremendous AA, generals can only hope on luck should some survive and drop the payload before falling.


Because the Frogfoot is argubably the most equipped, and most armored ground-attack aircraft, it can might as well be a superweapon's worst nightmare.

A 8-strong squadron is enough to raze an entire superweapon to the ground, including the hole left behind by the GLA's Scud Storm, as long as the Frogfeet have an easy way in and to escape the ensuing resistance.

It can also be used to punch holes in an enemy's defense, allowing you, and your allie(s) a greater chance of breaking through and because the Frogfoot lacks any form of AA of its own. Accompanying Berkut Fighters should be a wise choice for a good airstrike.


AI, playing as Russia, seemingly ignore the use of Frogfoot. (unless proven otherwise.)

However Frogfeet still pose a serious threat to anyone on the recieving end. A good solid AA defense, for both your advancing units, and your base, should be enough to keep these extremely potent aircraft at bay.



  • The Frogfoot was scrapped in favor of the Sokol in 1.85.