Hauptmann Jaeger, at your service, Kommandant.
- Jaeger reporting for duty
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Frank Jaeger is ECA's hero unit capable of dealing with enemy infantry in all ranges and cripple enemy bases by sabotaging their structures.


According to the most recent Russian GRU intelligence estimates, Hauptmann Frank Jaeger is the key mastermind behind all major resistance operations in and around Berlin. His charismatic leadership and cunning efficiency have turned him into a heroic figure among the local populace and his daring attacks in such close proximity to General Aleksandr's personal headquarters serve to erode the authority of the Russian occupation force with every passing day. In combat, the former paratrooper is both a fearsome hunter and a stealthy operative. His weapons of choice are a powerful 12 gauge pump action shotgun to go loud and a suppressed TAC 50 sniper rifle for more discreet interventions. Once he has infiltrated an enemy base, his technical skills allow him to perform a variety of actions. These include cutting power lines, stealing enemy supplies and disrupting communications. Thanks to his mastery of wilderness survival and navigation, Jaeger can perform all of these tasks while remaining fully concealed, forcing the increasingly paranoid commanders of the local Russian installations to equip even their lowliest sentries with infrared goggles.


Ability Description
Frank jaeger sabotage icon
Sabotage Enemy Building
Jaeger sabotages an enemy structure or vehicle without revealing himself with the process taking 5.7 seconds to complete, resulting in the following effects depending on the target:
  • Headquarters: Resets the countdown of the owner's General's Powers and disables the structure for 15 seconds.
  • Supply buildings: Steals up to $2000 from the owner; you cannot steal more than what the enemy has.
  • Power plants: Shuts down base power for 30 seconds.
  • Superweapons: Resets the superweapon's countdown and disables the structure for 15 seconds.
  • Other buildings or vehicles: Disables the target for 30 seconds.
Can only be used while using the shotgun. 4.3 seconds cooldown.
Frank jaeger shotgun icon
Stand up and use the shotgun. Jaeger moves faster and can sabotage enemy structures and vehicles when using the shotgun but will reveal himself while attacking.
Switching weapons will briefly reveal Jaeger.
Frank jaeger sniper rifle icon
Sniper Rifle
Goes prone and use the sniper rifle. Jaeger will remain stealthed when attacking and can kill garrisoned infantry when using the sniper rifle but moves slower and cannot sabotage vehicles and structures.
Switching weapons will briefly reveal Jaeger.


Frank Jaeger is a commando who specializes in sabotaging enemy structures and vehicles with his infiltration kits, and have his own weapons for his role: the pump-action shotgun to eliminate groups of infantries or a high-hitpoint infantry and while the sniper is for low profile which cannot reveal himself while engaging units but he cannot sabotage structures.

Frank Jaeger is a stealth focussed commando, and is best used for sabotaging enemy bases. He should not be made to rely on brute force, like Colonel Burton, as he is very vulnerable when his stealth is broken by a stealth detection unit. Therefore, he must avoid detectors at all cost.


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  • Frank Jaeger is also the name of a German character in the Metal Gear Solid series. He is also known as GREY FOX in the series.
  • His last name is the English pronounciation of the German word "Jäger" meaning "Hunter".

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