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The Fortification is the most basic defense structure of the ECA.


An hour worth of digging, a few dozen sandbags, razor wire and a plank roof combine into the ECA's most basic defensive structure. The Fortification is a makeshift emplacement that provides up to three infantrymen with a sufficient amount of cover and clear lines of fire in all directions. In order to provide additional healing support for the surrounding soldiers, a stockpile of medical equipment can be requisitioned.

It should be noted however that the structure initially lacks any sort of protection against toxins, flamethrowers, thermobarics and other dedicated anti-garrison weapons.


The basic Fortification is perhaps the most basic defensive structure in the mod. It is cheap and quick to build and can garrison up to 3 infantry. It combines well with the ECA infantry's ability of fighting better while garrisoned. This quickly constructed defense is vital in defending the slow building ECA in early stages of a game. Fortifications garrisoned by Panzerfausts are specially necessary for defending against early tank rushes.


Each Fortification can be manually upgraded with one of four distinct add-ons, making it a highly modular defensive building.


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