• The normal infobox and the upgrades/Addons infobox are seperate
  • The name of the main info box is the item's name
  • Image used is the official Render. If that is not available, us another in-game shot

of the unit

  • the |image description of the item is an in-game quote of the item (if Applicable)
  • Make sure all applicable items are linked (ex: Strategy Center, not Strategy Center).
  • All data, such as time to build and cost, must come from the game played at 30 frames per second, on a machine that can handle it at that rate.
  • Power is to be formatted as this.
    • If the Item uses power (example: 3), put -3
    • If the Item provides power (example: 10), put +10
    • Only putting 10 is NOT correct
  • If an item has "currently not supported on the wiki" or "currently not supported by the mod," it is not important.
  • Notes are where information, such as "Scrapped from Mod," or "Planned for version x.x" are placed.

Upgrades/Addons UnitboxEdit

  • This box goes under the Unitbox
  • the name of the Upgrades infobox is [Item] Upgrades
  • Image used is the Item's Cameo Image
  • Only Addons and Upgrades go in this second box.
  • If no addons or Upgrades exist fo the Item, put None in the respective Locations

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