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The Fire Base is the USA's basic defensive structure and is moderately effective against all types of ground targets. It can be garrisoned by up to four infantry, making it highly versatile.


Throughout the entire Global War on Terror, the Fire Base has been the core defensive element of any American military installation, ranging from small isolated outposts to fortified headquarters. But the lackluster accuracy of the decades-old 155mm howitzers became more and more of a problem, especially in urban and mountainous areas where the terrain is treacherous and attackers would often shift locations too quickly for the cumbersome guns to provide accurate fire solutions. Whereas many elements of the US military have phased them out in favor of more accurate missile-based systems, General Thorn whose tactics still employ small forward operational outposts built around Fire Bases, has recently persuaded the DOD to upgrade them with an entirely new gun-system that allows for greater accuracy and better target acquisition.


Ability Description
Fire base ground attack icon
Ground Attack
Order the unit to continuously attack the target area.


While the advances of the Protector Missile System eliminated some of the shortcomings of the old Patriot batteries, the Fire Base continues to provide affordable and flexible fire support to USA forces with its fortified positions for four infantry soldiers. While the positions are open to the air and thus do not provide protection from area-of-effect weapons such as flame or toxin sprays, recent modifications to the Fire Base have supplied it with highly-efficient medical facilities capable of quickly healing anyone inside. It comes with a 155mm howitzer that can be upgraded with a shell guiding system for fast and accurate firing from formidable range.


Behind the scenes

  • The Fire Base will be removed in 1.87 with the Drone Hive taking its place; the Fire Base itself will return in 2.0 as an exclusive to General Thorn.

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