Field Command
EU FldCommand
Sending down the message that ECA will never surrender!

Structure armor


Produce Excavator
Produce Radar Helicopter
Produce Warhound AVRE
Produce Mobile Sensor Array

Field Command

Structure Armor


- Recon Helicopter


- Repairs nearby damaged units

While not as expansive nor as expensive as a Region Command, the Field Command offers some of the Region Command's core functionality, and more, at a lesser cost and lesser hit points.


In order to provide a means to support operations far from Region Commands, Field Commands are set up. Complete with Excavators and even Radar Helicopters, it is a alternative to a Region Command in case you need Excavators in that sector quick; either that, or benefit from the Field Command's extensive repair facilities.

Game StructureEdit

Like the Region Command, the Field Command is capable of producing Excavators and deploying Radar Helicopters. While it cannot garrison infantry or be used to deploy support powers, it does have some unique capabilities to compensate. Its repair facilities allows it to repair any damaged vehicles in the vicinity, and it is also capable of producing a number of units that cannot be built elsewhere. This makes it a useful structure to have, especially at defensive lines far from the nearest Region Command.

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