Ready to make some snowman?
- Fenris Cyro Tank
Fenris cryo tank icon
The Fenris Cryo-Tank is a prototype vehicle available for the ECA by the activation of the Pandora Protocol. Its main gun freezes and kills infantry as well as stunning vehicles, and can also fire a charged shot to depilot vehicles.


Whilst the United States make extensive use of lasers as point defense and anti-aircraft weapons, the nations of Europe have concentrated their research efforts on the civilian utilities of the technology. One of their most promising discoveries was the possibility of using special frequency lasers to slow the motion of atoms to a near standstill, resulting in a focused freezing effect. Ideally, the technology could be used as a more eco-friendly alternative to bulky cooling machinery and aggressive chemicals. A team of Scandinavian scientists even explored the idea of using this remarkable technology to revert the effects of global warming by restoring the Arctic ice. Unfortunately, these so-called 'cryo lasers' also presented a considerable destructive potential which was exploited during the final phase of the Russo-European War: Named after a monstrous wolf from Norse mythology, the Fenris is an elaborate modification of a conventional Lynx APC which has been outfitted with a freezing laser that proved extremely lethal against enemy infantry and even vehicles which not only take damage but also end up immobilised due to deformed machinery and severly reduced crew performance after prolonged cooling. The Fenris can also fire a high energy shot which freezes the vehicle to the point where parts of its armour become so brittle that even its own idle engine vibrations or weapon recoil are enough to shatter it open, thus directly exposing the crew to the freezing ray, killing them instantly and leaving the vehicle empty for recovery. Unlike the dreaded Pandora cannon, the Fenris can be deployed in numbers upon choosing the eponymous protocol, but commanders are advised to treat their expensive and fragile technology with utmost care.


Ability Description
Fenris cryo tank standard laser fire mode icon
Standard Laser Fire Mode
Set the cryo laser to its default power output which quickly kills infantry and disables vehicles at long range.
Fenris cryo tank fire iceblast icon
Overcharged Iceblast Fire Mode
Overcharges the cryo laser fire a powerful Iceblast which has shorter range but instantly kills infantry and disables vehicles and structures at larger radius, and can depilot vehicles with several shots.


A prototype vehicle available only when ECA's Pandora Protocol is deployed, essentially played a role as an anti-personnel vehicle for supportive needs.

Armed with 'cryo laser gun', as its main gun, has two abilities; standard and overcharged. The standard mode is capable of killing infantry by firing concentrated laser beam that is temperature point of near absolute zero, freezing the aforementioned target in mere seconds, and it also capable of disabling vehicles in a short time, a similar manner to Microwave tank. The overcharged mode, while difference to standard mode, is the fact that it has the ability to fire powerful iceblast that is able to instantly kill infantries within radius and de-pilot vehicles, at the cost of its range.

While considered as an anti-personnel vehicle, it is worth noting that its armor is nothing compared to standard anti-personnel vehicles; having armor almost same as Lynx APC, rockets and anti-tank weapons becomes its prone threat as it's, while superior against infantries in the open, incapable of clearing garrisons unlike most anti-personnel vehicles. Another downside is that, they lack anti-air weapons and thus vulnerable to aircrafts when not protected.


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Behind the scenes

  • Prior to 1.87 the Fenris Cryo Tank only have the ability to fire an Iceblast at an enemy vehicle, which will instantly depilots the target vehicle but need several seconds to charge up before firing and must be manually activated. Its standard laser beam also have shorter range and different damage profile.