EU Fennek
"Lets put those heavy rounds to good use"

European Continental Alliance


Reconnaissance, Support




40mm Smoothbore cannon



Transport slots



Commando Insertion GP Unlock

Fennek, on the move!
- Fennek

The Fennek is a scout vehicle used by the European Continental Alliance. It is typically seen in action alongside Commandos.


- Use Tear Gas grenades
- Deploy Sensor pod


Ho, don't mind my dust
- Fennek

The Fennek is a fast, lightly armoured reconnaissance vehicle developed by Germany and the Netherlands. Easy to transport thanks to its low weight, the Fennek is often inserted alongside ECA Commando units. The vehicles used by these elite special forces have been modified with a variety of unique features, making the Fennek a highly versatile support vehicle for sustained operations behind enemy lines. Its small and inconspicuous silhouette make it easy to conceal when stationary and it is equipped with tear gas grenades that sow chaos and confusion.

Its primary armament consists of the recently developed 'Jackhammer' heavy support weapon, a triple barreled 40mm smoothbore cannon capable of switching between fully- and semi-automatic fire as well as canister shot and slug rounds. In addition, the Fennek can place a small, stationary sensor pod which keeps the surrounding area revealed and marks targets for rapid precision fire until the battery runs out. This multitude of practical abilities allows the Fennek to provide the Commandos with crucial support for reconnaissance and raiding missions.

Unit descriptionEdit

Fennek is an fast recon vehicle and pre-loaded with 5 commandoes available only in Generals Power.

It is armed with 40mm cannon and have 2 types of ammunition; a shotgun rounds are effective against clustered foot soldiers and also light vehicles while the slug rounds are effective against armored vehicles and also on infantry

It has stealth ability capable of concealing itself when not moving.

Fennek is equipped with Tear Gas grenades, which can launched ahead, capable of reducing combat effectiveness of enemy units.

Tactics Edit

Fenneks are dedicated anti-infantry scout vehicles, they are an excellent choice as forward observer, as they have a long sight range and can also detect stealth units. Another good idea is to use them for ambush and infiltration operations as this vehicle becomes stealthed when not moving.

Counters Edit

Due to their purpose and the need for a low profile the Fenneks have little armor. They are not designed to go into battle alone but rather as support units and target location. Fenneks are easily destroyed by any armored vehicle or air units because of their complete lack of anti-air weapons.


  • As 1.802, the Fennek uses the exact same quotes as the Lynx, despite being a different vehicle. There are however one-two additional unique lines that the Lynx doesn't use.
    • In 1.851 it received a new voiceset by Hecthor Doomhammer.
  • The model is recycled from the Generation X mod's Ferret.
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