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Felin Rifleman
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HKFN22 Assault Rifle
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Felin Rifleman Upgrades

- Ceramic Armor
- Armory Expansion

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- Felin Rifleman

The Felin Riflemen are the go-to boots on the ground for ECA forces when anti-infantry and anti-air combat personnel are of need.


"While the various national militaries still operate a lot of domestically produced equipment, the Continental Army has decided in favour of the French 'Felin' programme when it came to choosing a standardised infantry doctrine for the joint European task force. As such, infantry formations that partake in ECA operations receive state-of-the-art body armour and communications equipment of French design.

With the 1970s FAMAS rifle starting to show its age, a new replacement was found in the form of the HKFN-22, a cooperative design by German and Belgian manufacturers that married the compact space age frame of the cancelled G11 rifle with a powered up version of the armour-piercing 5.7mm cartridge used in the P90 PDW. In a further effort to combat the near-total Russian air supremacy during the war, many Felins were also equipped with shoulder-fired Starstreak MANPADS, a peculiar anti-air missile of British origin that releases three self-guided submunitions upon reaching a certain altitude to ensure a hit."

Unit descriptionEdit

Felin Riflemen are the second most powerful basic infantry unit, second only to the USA Ranger. They are effective enough against most types of infantry, and fight even more effectively when garrisoned inside structures, where they can block off groups of Combat Cycles or Technicals. Like most other ECA infantry, mortally wounded Felin Riflemen may be saved by Combat Medics to receive half the resources spent for producing them. Additionally they may be upgraded with Ceramic Armor to increase their hitpoints, as well as Starstreak Missiles, which enable them to attack air units similarly to Igla Troopers. Felin Riflemen remain ineffective against most anti-infantry units, thus Dragon Tanks and Toxin Tractors can easily kill them.

Glitches Edit

  • A glitch can occur when Felin Riflemen enter the War Fortress, garrisonable structure. Felin carrying Starstreak missiles can seemingly engage ground targets with such, causing minor damage to infantry.[citation needed]
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