Available for unlock by GLA 3-star generals, Fanatics Ambush allows the general to instantly deploy a group of Fanatics and RPG Insurgents anywhere on the battlefield, seemingly appearing from thin air. Quite how these GLA troops managed to appear in such a way is a mystery, although it is mostly attributed to their stealth training.

A Fanatics Ambush often proved an excellent distraction technique if nothing else. A busy enemy commander might not notice a group of GLA troops appearing in his base and they might at least have been able to take out or capture some units/facilities before themselves being killed. The Camouflage upgrade added greatly to the usefulness of the Fanatics Ambush, as stealthy GLA troopers placed deep into enemy territory could act as spies. With High Explosive Caches, a group of RPG Insurgents could cause serious damage to enemy facilities with their TNT charges and the fact that they, along with the Fanatics, will explode if crushed by enemy vehicles.

Level Description
Rebel ambush icon
Level 1
(Fanatics Ambush)
6 Fanatics + 2 RPG Insurgents
Rebel assault icon
Level 2
(Fanatics Assault)
12 Fanatics + 4 RPG Insurgents
Rebel uprising icon
Level 3
(Fanatics Uprising)
18 Fanatics + 6 RPG Insurgents

Behind the scenes

  • Prior to 1.87 this General's Power is named Rebel Ambush and spawns Rebels and Tunnel Defenders, as its name suggests. The power's Level 3 version also spawns 24 Rebels and 8 Tunnel Defenders instead.