ECA Excavator Render
Got a plan for winning this war?



Base Constructor







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Produced by

Region Command
Field Command


Switch Build/Defense Mode


This Construction Unit must switch modes to construct ECA Defenses or Structures.

The Swedish Excavator, also known as ECA Dozer, is the main structure and defense construction vehicle of the ECA.



Builds ECA structures

Produced by a Swedish utility vehicle company, these high-powered Excavators are operated by civilian engineering contractors in service of the European Continental Army, providing the task force with quick on-site construction capabilities.

Quotes Edit

When built: Edit

Let's get some work done.

When selected: Edit

Who's signing these contracts?

Building equipment, ready.

Where do you need me?

We got no time to waste.

ECA Excavator, reporting in.

Uh, really comfy in here.

Got a plan for winning this war?

Europe shall not fall.

Standing by.

When moving: Edit

Let's see how fast this thing goes.

Duty calls.

Roger that!

Hope I get paid for this.

Make sure to cover me.

At once!

To the fronts.

Driving in there.

Just here that humming.

When ordered to build: Edit

With due haste.

For the war effort!

Yes, commander.

Time for some hazard pay.

For Europe!

We'll get it done.

Ha, building done before you know it.

When building is complete: Edit

Ah, work complete. What's next?

One step closer, to victory.

It's ready, Sir!

When unable to build: Edit

Ah, need to find a better construction site.

Sir, we can't build there.

When ordered to repair: Edit

We'll do it.

Better reinforce it.

Hopefully we won't be getting shot at.

We won't lose easily.

Oh, that's bad.

(whistles) that needs much attention.

Repair ordered confirmed.

As seen in better days.......for sure.

When ordered to clear mines: Edit

We'll clear the way.

Disarming explosives.

Our people shall not suffer.

(Laughs) explosives are no problem.

Gallery Edit

Excavator Defence-0

Excavator in Defense build mode

Excavator Build

Excavator in Structure Build mode


  • The Excavator Design was based from a concept art made by Volvo called the "Sfinx" that does not exist yet.
  • Weirdly called "Swedish Excavator" ingame because D is the hotkey for construction units.
  • The concept art (made by Volvo) can be seen here

Faction arsenalEdit

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